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Who Killed Lennie?

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Who Killed Lennie? A short synopsis of the story, outlining the basic plot and key points in the book, "Of Mice And Men." By John Steinbeck. In Chapter One, Lennie and George have to leave Weed to escape from trouble. They stop off for the night before going to a ranch where they've been hired to work. The two men talk about their problems in the past and their plans for the future. In chapter two, they arrive at the ranch and meet Candy, the boss, Curley, his wife and some of the other characters. In chapter three, George and Lennie learn more about Curley and his wife and, with Candy, share their dream of owning a farm. Lennie crushes Curley's hand, and from then on, Curley keeps his distance. Lennie also gets a puppy off of Slim. In chapter four, Lennie, George, and Candy spend some time with Crooks as they discuss their plans for the future. In Chapter five, two murders are committed; one of a puppy, the other of Curley's wife. Curley and the farm hands begin their search for the killer. In chapter six, George finds Lennie and proceeds to determine his fate. George shoots him and kills him. The question, "who killed Lennie" arises. Even though George pulled the trigger on Lennie in the end, should he be held responsible for his death? ...read more.


Even though he didn't show it much, he really cared for Lennie and wanted to keep him safe at all times. They had an unusual, but strong bond. " George went on, ' We got a future. We got somebody to talk to that gives a damn about us...' Lennie broke in, ' Because... because I got you to look after me, and you got me to look after you, and that's why.'" Lennie though, easily annoyed George and often caused him to lose his temper. Sometimes resulting in George saying, "God, you're a lot of trouble, I could get along so easy and nice if I didn't have you on my tail." George. Lennie needed to be looked after properly, by someone who understood his mentality, and although George cared, it was not enough. George refused to believe that Lennie was crazy, he just called him, "dumb, but not crazy." Lennie shouldn't have been made to work, and confused further by having people around him constantly who didn't understand that he was ill. George shot Lennie because he couldn't handle him anymore and he figured that even if he didn't, someone else would have. Curley had a grudge against all large guys. This is because he himself was very small, and by starting fights and beating up people bigger than him he thought he could get more respect. ...read more.


Lennie needed someone to be with him 24 hours a day, seven days a week and in no-way could George possibly do that. What could of George done though? Society treated people like Lennie badly. He would have been treated like an outcaste, and nobody would have cared about him. He most probably of just gotten locked up and forgotten about. George never purposely meant to really hurt Lennie or cause him pain. Even to the end, he made sure Lennie never knew what was happening to him. He encouraged him to think happy thoughts, to think about their friendship and to let him know that he wasn't mad or angry with him for what he had done. He didn't shoot him because he had killed Curley's wife. He killed him because he simply couldn't cope anymore and he didn't want Lennie to have to face the angry mob that was after him, and possibly by lynched. George did his best, but it just wasn't enough. Now they will never be able to fulfil their dream, "An' live off the fatta the lan." "...George just sat stiffly on the bank and looked at his right hand that had thrown the gun away. The group burst into the clearing, and Curley was ahead. He saw Lennie lying on the sand. 'Got him, by God.' He went over and looked down at Lennie, and then he looked back at George. 'Right in the back of the head,' he said softly." ...read more.

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