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Who Killed Lorna Glamour?

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Matthew Hartley Who Killed Lorna Glamour? 17-10-2001 It was my first day as a detective. I was very nervous. I had to go to Chicago to meet some people I was supposed to be working with. When I finally reached my destination it was getting late, and the air was seldom as cold as it felt right now. Maybe it was my skin, something was creeping inside me. I entered the old, run down building in which I was to start my new job. There was a quiet, old lady at the reception desk. She had short, curly white hair, and a pink cardigan around her shoulders. Her skin was pale and shown her age clearly. Her teeth and nails had a thick coating of yellow, as a result of constant smoking. She made me sick. She told me that my colleagues would arrive in a moment to have a talk with me about the new job I was to start. I'm so choked in fear I cannot respond, but only gasp. I sat down on a nearby chair, and waited eagerly. It was old and rotten. All the original padding had come off over the years. I took a quick glance around the room. The walls were tall and made from beautiful polished pine, and hung framed masterpieces. There were extracts from old newspapers framed up on the wall also. I stood up to examine some of them. They were from cases that had made it into the press. ...read more.


She was so thin. This made me think about her lifestyle, about how poor it must be for a woman with no privacy. Sure, it looks like fun on the spotlight, but behind the curtains, behind the filming crew, it was one poor life. Her face was bright red and dripping with sweat because she was working so hard. She had a very tight top on which read "Gourmandises...?" which means delicacies. It was pink, and it was slightly ripped because of the fall. Her hair was about shoulder length, but I couldn't tell from the way she was lay. It was sandy and brown, and had dark roots. Her hair was also quite thin. She had huge gold earrings in. This was actually quite disturbing, as the dream did not make sense. Why would she just die, on stage, and for no known reason at all? I lifted my head off the damp desk. As I stood up to answer the door, I felt unbelievably dizzy. I had to stand and hold my head for a few seconds before anything. When I finally felt ok, I answered the door, but by now, no one was stood there. I just grabbed my bag and headed back down the stairs. This I dreaded, yet I knew it was going to have to be an everyday thing. When I got into the main hall I discovered my partners were waiting. I politely greeted them, and they greeted me too. ...read more.


The way our notes merged together, unfolded a story of horror, and of drama. I was starting to hate my job, just after a few hours of working, and I spent a few of them asleep. But now, I was awake, and realised the importance of my job. It was very important. I decided to hold a conference with my partners, to discuss what part of the job we will all undertake. I decided to study why whoever done this, done it. I really wanted him to rue the day he committed such acts. I was full of rage, but yet, I felt sadness. Also, I was wondering about the coincidence that happened earlier in the night. The one word from any language, and he chooses the one that was printed on her top in my dream! I was amazed and confused. Now, I had to search Lorna's beautiful, delicate body for any clues at all that could link to the murderer. Or was it murder? That was for time and hard work to decide upon. Personally, I thought it was murder. Why would there be a message scrawled on the mirror? Why would there be so much blood in her hair? I started a conversation with the leading cameraman to see if he could help me somehow. His name was James. I really got on with him, because he loved Lorna, equally as me. Before I asked any questions, we both talked openly about Lorna, and what we loved about her way. After a good half-an-hour of talking, I decided it was question time. The first question I was to ask was about the time, and who else was there. ...read more.

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