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Who or what do you blame for the tragic deaths of Romeo and Juliet?

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Who or what do you blame for the tragic deaths of Romeo and Juliet? "Romeo and Juliet" is a play full of deceit, and love. These totally different things are shown to tie in with each other as they are not that far apart in the rivalry and prejudice of the play. All these elements help give reason to the inviting tragedy in the play. In this essay I will try and find the reasons for their deaths. I will try each character separately and will also try blaming other factors, which caused their death such as the factor of luck. Tybalt is an aggressive character and wants the divide between the families to never cease. "Peace, I hate the word" in this comment he shows himself as a "real bad guy" who actually enjoys the suffering that is being caused by the families hatred of each other this can explain his actions in the play. Tybalt can be blamed as he killed Mercutio, a close friend of Romeo's and so driven Romeo to fight and kill him and so Romeo was banished. If he wasn't banished through fault of Tybalt things may have worked out differently and Romeo and Juliet's death could have been avoided. His want for the divide between the Capulets and Montagues to stay also fuelled his want to fight Romeo and also this could be blamed on his upbringing. ...read more.


It could be argued that Romeo is at fault for their deaths. His fickle nature allows him to fall in love with Juliet on sight when it seemed that moments ago he felt "in love" with Roseline .He also after only seeing Juliet for the first time wishes to marry her straight away This argues the fact that they are merely mixed up teenagers and do not really know what love is. Luck is very big factor that lead to their tragic deaths. Many things could have gone differently to allow for a completely different turn of events. Mercutio's death can be interpreted as an accident. Had this accident not have taken place Romeo would not have been banished. Romeo's interception of the party invitation was also by chance and allowed him to go to the party and see Juliet. Lord Capulet not getting rid of Romeo on sight allowed his meeting with Juliet and had Lord Capulet got rid of him Juliet and Romeo would never have met. Balthazar going to tell news of Juliet's death was also by chance and also Friar John's failure to deliver the message also contained an element of chance. Juliet felt expected to marry Paris at her parent's wishes straight away. This may have driven her to find someone else and not marry Paris and then she falls in love with Romeo. ...read more.


Benvolio, in my opinion is not to blame for the deaths however he does encourage Romeo to go to the party and see other girls. Mercutio, is also not directly at blame, however his unpredictable character makes him fight Tybalt and die at his hands so some blame can be shifted onto him as this is what caused Romeo to kill Tybalt. He also encouraged Romeo to go to the party like Benvolio did. In conclusion I believe that their deaths caused by all manner of things. Fortune is to blame for several things that could quite easily have gone the other way. The divide between the families pushed them together and also the people who enforced this divide. Well meaning people such as the Friar Lawrence and Nurse who do have the lover's best wishes at heart but go over the top with the things they do to keep them together. The two also change sides at the end of the play and leave the two of them to face their problems. Both the friar Lawrence and the Nurse acted ignorantly and imaturley. The immaturity of the lovers was also something that acted against them as they were not acting rationally, but rather stupidly. I also conclude that the issues raised in the story are relevant today as they were when the written and most probably before. Deceit, love, prejudice, ignorance are all pertinent to the cause of the deaths. ...read more.

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