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Who or what is responsible for Eddie's death?

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Who or what is responsible for Eddie's death? Arthur Miller described this play as being "the slum that faces the bay on the seaward side of Brooklyn Bridge...the gullet of New York" Arthur Miller was born on October 1915, in New York City. His parents were both immigrants to the USA. Miller's family lived in prosperity due to the success of his father's clothing manufacturing business. However as the clothing manufacturing collapse, the family became bankrupt, with the American Economy as a whole following the Wall Street crash. Following the Wall Street crash, Miller worked as a longshoreman in New York's Brooklyn harbour. He experienced "a dangerous and mysterious world at the water's edge that drama and literature had never touched" and discovered the "waterfronts was the Wild West, a desert beyond the law." The bay were populated and worked by people who were immigrants. They were poorly paid exploited by their bosses. Miller's family fled to the USA in hope for work, wealth and security that their home country could not guarantee. During the days studying at Michigan University, Arthur Miller followed a course of playwright and this gradually became his primary ambition. ...read more.


As the intruders, Marco and his little brother Rodolfo upset the family's circle. Unlike before, the whole family including Eddie were never in an argument. Catherine used to act very different; she used to "throw" herself at Eddie as he comes back from work. Secretly Eddie has sexual feeling for his niece Catherine for a long time. By frequently mentioning "I don't see you no more, I come home you're running around someplace" and by questioning Catherine "You like him, Katie?" clearly suggests Eddie's obsession towards Catherine. This was something that Eddie himself could not recognise or understand. Instead as Catherine falls in love with the "glamorous" Rodolfo, Eddie focuses his anger and frustration upon Rodolfo and his brother Marco. Eddie tries to discredit his rival; he tries to make fun of Rodolfo. He first implies that Rodolfo is not serious about having a relationship with Catherine but rather in search of American citizenship. When this fails he comes to convince the family and Catherine that Rodolfo is gay, and tries to show up his lack of maleness. The number of unsuccessful comments and remarks lead Eddie in betraying Rodolfo and Marco as he reveals their illegal status as a refugee. ...read more.


Al Capone is America's best know gangster and the single greatest symbol of the collapse of law and order in the United States during the 1920s Prohibition era. Capone had a leading role in the illegal activities that lent Chicago its reputation as a lawless city. Al Capone lived and grew up in a rough neighbourhood and was a member of two "kids' gangs," named "The Brooklyn Rippers" and the "Fourty Thieves Juniors. " Capone had a leading role in the changes of many cities. He cluttered the communities with a bad reputation. He made them into a lawless community, a community with no law. In my opinion and the evidences above displaying the characters which could influence the death of Eddie Capone, I think that Eddie was responsible for his own death. Eddie's desire and lasciviousness for Catherine and his hatred toward the brother caused him to define his "bloody death". Eddie is responsible for his own death because he ultimately is fighting against himself with his desires for his niece. Although this performance was very predictable from the start based on the fact that the introduction of the play was delivered in a form of a chorus, displaying the fate of the play and its characters, I think that the play was very enjoyable in interesting. Jerry Nguyen English Coursework 1 ...read more.

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