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'Who or what is to blame for Eddies death in A view from the bridge' Throughout this essay I will try to discover who or what is to blame for Eddies death. There are many possible answers, for instance; Eddie

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'Who or what is to blame for Eddies death in A view from the bridge' Throughout this essay I will try to discover who or what is to blame for Eddies death. There are many possible answers, for instance; Eddie betraying Marco and Rodolpho, Marco's honour, Eddie's feelings for Catherine and the law being unable to intervene and many more. The question at a glance looks like it could be answered in a word however there are so many underlying factors that creep into the equation. By understanding the situation and keeping in mind that the play was set in the mid 20th century when attitudes towards things were different then I will come to a conclusion. The play by Arthur Miller set in Red Hook in Brooklyn takes place in America in the Carbone household. Eddie, Beatrice and Catherine all live under the same roof in a poor part of the town. Near the beginning of Act 1, already we can see the dominance that Eddie possesses over Beatrice and especially Catherine. This is shown first, when Catherine seeks Eddie's approval on the skirt she has recently bought. 'You like it?' questions Catherine, 'I think it's too short...I don't like the looks they're giving you in the candy store.' ...read more.


However she is still connected to the event and the build up to the event. There is only a few parts in which she could have been connected to the build up to the event. When Beatrice says "you want something else, Eddie, and you can never have her!" this aggravates Eddie and makes him want to prove a point by fighting Marco. By her saying that, which is technically true and Eddie knows it, it is saying that Eddie likes a family member which has been like a daughter to him. If he fights Marco and makes him say sorry it gives him a chance to prove everyone wrong. Beatrice is really the victim of the play because she is the one that louses out all the time and has a really hard time "Look, I'm sick and tired of it". We see at the end of the play when Eddie was dieing he shows his love for Beatrice and that deep down he loved her all along "Oh, B.!" and "My B.!". The irony of Eddie being killed by his own knife is that it is his own actions that have resulted in his death. Eddie didn't let Catherine live her own life he was too over-protective. ...read more.


If you look at the question any minor factor may have prevented the death of Eddie. For instance if Catherine would have been a little more assertive she may have stood up to Eddie and stopped him controlling her. Catherine who can't really be blamed for Eddies death as with Beatrice and Rodolpho, they may have been involved but they didn't cause the death, the only people that can be considered is Marco and Eddie himself. Marco is really to blame for Eddie's death because it was by his hands that he died and he could have stopped the knife from going up into Eddie. However there is a case that it was self defense because Eddie pulled out a knife and came at him and if Marco didn't stop him he would have killed him. Marco thought he was defending his honour as he has been betrayed and not able to make any more money for his family. In conclusion I think that it is both Marco's and Eddies own fault for his death. However the evidence to show that it was Eddies own fault really wasn't enough even though he may have betrayed his family and been over-protective of Catherine. I think that Eddie may have been wrong but he didn't deserve to die for his actions even if he was dishonourable. ...read more.

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