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Who or what is to blame for the death of Kingshaw?

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Who or what is to blame for the death of Kingshaw? There are many factors that could be said to be responsible for the death of Kingshaw. Primarily, many people believe that Hooper is to blame as it is his malevolence that tortures Kingshaw everyday. Hooper manipulates Kingshaw from their very first meeting, before that even, he sends Kingshaw a note warning him before he has even given Kingshaw a chance. Hooper not only manipulates Kingshaw, but all those around him. He uses Mrs Kingshaw's search for acceptance to his advantage, she tries to favour both boys equally but subconsciously it is Hooper that she always sides with, making Kingshaw feel rejected and desolate. ...read more.


In an attempt to make Mr Hooper dependant on her, she 'mothers' his son and neglects her own. If she can not obtain the dependency her relationship with Mr Hooper, could she not have let her son rely on her, just as she had relied on him so many times. Warings is Hooper's territory and straight away Kingshaw is threatened by it. Hooper is the only one who is in a constant residence there aside form Mr Hooper, and even he is away a lot on business. When Mrs Kingshaw and Kingshaw move in, she takes over and makes it hers, therefore making it feel like it is only Kingshaw who doesn't belong. ...read more.


He may long to be independent, but essentially that is all he is, he has no one he can depend on, turn to when he felt so distraught that he had to take his own life. When he finds friendship in Fielding, he is searching for a co-depending relationship, but Fielding does not need Kingshaw, he has his own life and is naturally independent, all he sees in Kingshaw is friendship. Kingshaw was weak and susceptible to Hooper's malevolence, but could have stood up to him, could have tried again to tell his mother or Mr Hooper, could have not resorted to suicide but his own weakness' and his hatred of his life caused him to take his own life. ?? ?? ?? ?? Katharine Hubbard 11RS English - Miss Storey ...read more.

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