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Who's Irish?

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Effie Rozanitis ENG 102/Cavanaugh Summary Essay January 24, 2003 Who's Irish? Who's Irish? Is a witty and relatable story of two different cultures having a common bond of a little girl, Sophie. The characters of this short story are individuals that constitute the narrators outcome. The grandmother, who is this sixty-eight year old Chinese born widow is a fierce, traditional and broken English spoken woman of certain beliefs. Her daughter Natalie, is a Chinese-American woman who like her mother is fierce is married to John Shea, a depressed, out of work man of Irish decent. Both Natalie and John have a three year old little girl, Sophie. Sophie is a smart, wild and stubborn little girl that doesn't want to listen to anyone. Along with this happy little family is Bess. ...read more.


As the story unfolds, the grandmother baby sits Sophie everyday and takes her to the park. At the park is where Sophie's wild side shows. As her grandmother notices her ripping off her clothes she confronts Natalie and tells her that she should discipline her with a light spanking so she will never do it again. Naturally Natalie disagrees and tells her not to spank Sophie ever. As trips to the park continue so doesn't the stripping. The grandmother then takes matters into her own hands and begins spanking Sophie lightly every time she disobeys her grandmother. With this Sophie is scarred and disobeys her loving grandmother for the last time. At the park a following time, Sophie mimics a little boy named Sinbad. ...read more.


Hours pass and John and Natalie arrive. There they see the grandmother poking Sophie in the hole. John pulls out a sleepy, bruised and battered three year old out of the hole. In the car Sophie tells her parents that grandma spanks her all the time. With that both parents are furious and distinctly remember telling her never to spank Sophie. Due to all this Natalie never brings Sophie to visit her grandmother anymore. Unfortunatally both John and Natalie witness the grandmother poking Sophie with a stick and become furious and distinctly remember telling her never to hit Sophie. Later on the grandmother moves in with Bess because she is alone and doesn't have anyone else to take care of so for some female companionship she moves in with Bess. At Bess's home they watch t.v. and the bird feeder. ...read more.

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