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Who's responsible for the death of Romeo and Juliet?

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In Romeo and Juliet, there are many characters that are linked to the death of the pair. These, characters include Friar Lawrence and the nurse. Friar Lawrence kept the marriage a secret himself, but also he allowed the wedding to take place. He knew that both families would disallow the marriage and try to stop it happening. The Friar was hoping that if the Montagues and Capulets saw their children's love, it would end the feud once and for all. The only thing that the wedding did do was create trouble and lead to a much larger, difficult situation. ...read more.


He died and Romeo tried to avenge him, leading to Tybalt being murdered. Romeo was banished for this and if Mercutio hadn't taunted Tybalt, leading up to the fight Romeo and Juliet might have still been together. Mercutio also urged Romeo to go the party at the house of Capulet, where Romeo first met Juliet. If they hadn't met, he would have still been longing after Rosaline. Benvolio had a small part to play in the death of the couple, because it was his idea to go to Capulet's party in the first place. Also, when the bodies of Tybalt and Mercutio were brought to the prince, he could have said he did not see what happened fully. ...read more.


The apothecary played a large part in the death, because he sold the poison to Romeo. Romeo might still have been alive if he'd refused. His family's poverty led to him reluctantly accepting money, knowing it was illegal. Romeo and Juliet were themselves the cause of their own death. They were willing to kill themselves for love, which was silly because they had a full life head of them. Romeo wouldn't have killed himself if Juliet hadn't taken the potion. Friar John was also responsible for their death because he didn't manage to get the letter to Romeo in time due to circumstances beyond his control, before he was led to believe that Juliet was dead. ...read more.

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