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Who's to Blame?- An Inspector Calls

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Who's to Blame?- An Inspector Calls Set in 1912 before World War 1, J.B Priestley's "An Inspector Calls" exploits the difference between classes in that era. It also shows how the Upper class can completely change the lives of the lower working class. Written in 1945 when World War 2 was coming to an end," An Inspector Calls" expresses Priestley's thoughts and dreams through an upper class family and the death of a working class girl. The play opens with the engagement party of Sheila Birling and Gerald Croft (son of a wealthy businessman)in the dining room of a house in the imaginary city of Brumley. Into these celebrations enters Inspector Goole, who announces an unpleasant suicide: a young woman named Eva Smith swallowed disinfectant and died. The connection of Eva Smith to the Birling family dates back two years when she worked in the Birling factory and was dismissed for being one of the ringleaders on strike for a pay rise. The story is complicated by the Inspector's questions concerning Eva Smith's suicide. It is revealed that all the Birlings bear some responsibility as to her death. Mr. Birling sacked her, Gerald Croft had an affair with her, Mrs. Birling's son Eric made Eva pregnant and Mrs. Birling's charity committee refused to help her when she asked for help. She refused to marry him, as she considered him too immature at that time. ...read more.


Sheila is Arthur's daughter who gets everything she wants when she wants and its nothing to do with her," It's not my fault" and,"What do you mean by saying that? You talk as if we were responsible. She got Eva sacked from Milwards( a clothes shop) because when Sheila was in the shop Eva gave her a funny look as the dress she was trying on looked horrible but when Eva held it against herself it suited her. Out of pure jealousy she got her sack and I think that is childish and immature," She was lucky to be taken on at Milwards". Gerald first met Eva in a bar Eva had changed her name to Daisy Renton. They then started seeing each other more often. Gerald cared for Sheila this is shown when he is trying to hide the truth from her, as he does not want her to get hurt. Eva went to Brumley Women's Charity Organization under the name of Mrs. Birling where Sybil worked and needed help but was turned down because Sybil knew she was lying and had something to hide. She thinks she had nothing to do with it her like her daughter," I'm sorry she should have come to such a horrible end but I accept no blame for it at all." Eva went to her when she needed help the most but she turned her down and now she is dead so I think she is very much to blame for her death. ...read more.


However, when the Inspector asks him about what happened with Eva Smith he admits straight away what the Inspector thought. Gerald did not have to learn as much; he unlike Mr. Birling, Mrs. Birling, Sheila and Eric actually cared for Eva. Gerald knows what has happened and in the back of his mind always will do, he will never fully admit responsibility, but has learnt slightly from this experience. The more truthful Gerald is this will help with his and Sheila's relationship. Gerald may not be as responsible, but Eric his brother-in-law is very responsible. Eric has not matured yet the audience can see this through his actions and all actions lead to consequences. Eric is immature and is very responsible for Eva's death. Eric slept with her due to lust, got her pregnant, and offered her money that was stolen from his father's company. His immaturity is shown. Eric had slept with Eva out of lust and also because he was drunk. "I wasn't in love with her or anything - but I liked her - she was a pretty good sport." Eric does not care about Eva; he just likes her, as she is a pretty face. He sleeps with her more than once. Eric does as he pleases yet again he steal fifty pounds from his father's company and does not tell anyone, however it is not for him, he tries to give it to Eva, but she refuses it. Showing a bit of responsibility but has done enough to be blamed for the suicide of Eva Smith. By Gary Wilkinson ...read more.

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