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Who's to blame for the deaths in act 3 scene 1

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Romeo & Juliet The most dramatic part of the play is Act 3 Scene 1. This is were all the drama begins, this is were all of the bottled up energy is being let loose. The theme of the play could be interpreted in many different ways, there could be a love hate theme but on the other hand there could be a theme that we are not in control of our lives, as the Friar goes on later to say to Juliet "A greater power than we can contradict/Hath thwarted our intents". This could show a sense of how we are not in control of our lives, another point to back this up would be when Romeo says "I am fortunes fool". This means how he has got such bad luck and he puts this all down to bad luck. Yet another theme that appears is that of the feud and how innocent lives are harmed by it. Here it is Mercutio who curses the feud the families have, "A plague on both your houses!" ...read more.


In this scene he is the aggressor and his death is a very dramatic death. Some people think that he bought this upon himself by winding Tybalt up, I believe it was meant to be as a joking way and he did no way deserve to die from that little petty argument. You see a different side of Mercutio when he is hurt, "a plague a'both your houses" is what he says. This shows his argumentative and nastier side, this also indicates that there will be a tragedy to follow, dramatic foreshadowing. Tybalt's death is a repercussion for what he did to Mercutio. This is because he killed Mercutio during there banter, maybe by accident, maybe on purpose but I believe it was an accident. Tybalt could be put to blame for all of this, this is because he was the one who got so angry about Romeo coming to the Party at the Capulets. This is therefore why he was looking for Romeo and therefore why Mercutio died as they had the fight over Romeo. ...read more.


Romeo trys to stop the fight by trying to resolve this with words but it is Tybalt that want to fight with Romeo as he is so angry about how he gate crashed there party. This is dramatic because this is where you see two different sides to Romeo. We see the normal, peaceful romantic side of Romeo but then we see a much darker side. An example of him being peace full is "gentle Mercutio put thy rapier up", this means sheaf your sword. "either thou or I, or both, must go with him" this shows how Romeo knows this will end very dramatically as he is hinting to the audience that he is going to kill Tybalt and he might die with the fight and Tybalt as well. I believe this is the most dramatic part of the play because this is were you see a lot of different/darker sides to some of the character including Romeo the most gentle and romantic character in Romeo & Juliet. This is therefore the most dramatic part of the play. ...read more.

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