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Who Suffers the Most in 'All My Sons?'

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Who Suffers the Most in 'All My Sons?' Every character in 'All My Sons,' suffers from the events that took place in the past. However, the most obvious of them, is mother. This is due to the fact that throughout the whole play, she is being portrayed as a tool for tension and drama. During the beginning of the play, the atmosphere created is that of a calm and ordinary Sunday morning. Even Mother's first appearance, has a content effect towards the other characters. 'Well, get it out of the pail. That's my potatoes.'-Mother Chris bursts out laughing, goes up into alley. (laughing)'I thought it was garbage.' -Keller The lightness and normality of Mothers first encounter with the other characters, leads the audience to think that nothing is amiss with her, or her surroundings. However, this is hastily changed, '-isn't married doesn't mean she's been mourning Larry.'-Chris 'Why then isn't she?'- Mother (flustered)'Well...It could've been a number of things.'-Chris Already, some type of tension has been ...read more.


To her it meant that he was still alive, '-Everybody was in such a hurry to burry him. I said not to plant it yet-' Mother (Alarmed)'Too soon!' Chris The fact that Larry has been missing for three years, and she still holds onto this fake hope, 'Only last weed a man turned up in Detroit, missing longer than Larry-' Mother Shows her capability to convince herself that Larry will show up. This inability to face the facts of realities shows how much she is suffering, since she is no longer being rational. She seems to try everything to convince the other characters that she is right, and goes so far as getting angry with them when they don't. Probably one of the largest effectors for Mothers suffering is the fact that she has had to keep Joe Keller's secret for so long. It was her who knew for sure that Joe was in fact guilty, and yet she did nothing because she knew that if he were to go to jail, she would be without a husband and money to support her sons. ...read more.


That's your life, that's your lonely life.'-Mother Was what she confronted Ann with. However, when Ann shows Mother the suicide letter from Larry, and Mother finally knows that he is truly dead, is when I think she suffers the most in the play. This is because, the thing that she was holding on to for the last three years, is wrong. She had been waiting, and even keeping up his room, in hopes of his return, because she needed him to be alive. With him dead, it would mean that it was Keller's fault, since he was the one that drove her son to commit suicide. I think that she feels guilty, because if she had told the truth, and Keller had gone to jail, then perhaps Larry would still be there. It is as if she is torn between two people that she greatly loves. To make matters worse, after Keller reads the note, he to commits suicide, leaving Mother a widow, and mourning mother. ...read more.

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