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Who Was Most To Blame For The Deaths of Mercutio and Tybalt?

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Friday 23rd November Who Was Most To Blame For The Deaths of Mercutio and Tybalt? By Rob Corley The Capulets and the Montagues had been feuding for years this was the root cause of the deaths of Murcutio and Tybalt and the families should take ultimate responsibility for the deaths of the characters directly involved. Benvolio was a calm and cautious character and most importantly a peacemaker. Romeo, Son of Montague was a very emotional and expressive character, and like his friend Benvolio his only intentions that day were to bring peace. Mercutio though, was practically the opposite. A high spirited joker, who is short tempered worked under the surface, even more so on this hot day, he was a loyal friend and very likable at his best. Tybalt, a Capulet, was arrogant and had no sense of humour. A good swordsman, he was always looking for a fight. Benvolio was least to blame for the deaths of Mercutio and Tybalt because all he was trying to do was to escape trouble or a fight: ...read more.


He also tried to bring Murcutio and Tybalt to their senses and unknowingly intervened in the fight and consequently Mercutio got killed. Romeo then felt very guilty about this and only wanted peace: "I thought it for the best." So although Romeo did kill Mercutio he was not to blame, for his emotions took him over this day and the only one thing he wanted that day was peace. Mercutio was a hot-headed prankster with a sharp wit. He was very much to blame for his own death because he was definitely not trying to avoid a fight and even provoked Tybalt at one point: "Tybalt, you rat catcher, will you walk?" So this proves that he was not trying to avoid a fight, but looking for one. He used his sharp wit to twist the words of Tybalt: "Consort! What! Dost thou make us minstrels?" He was also warned many times by his friend Benvolio: "I pray thee good Mercutio, let's retire." And Mercutio refused to take the advice and lied with: "By my heel. ...read more.


And Tybalt basically accepted it by saying: "Thou wretched boy, that didst consort him here, shalt with him hence." This was the fighting he had intended from the start. So Tybalt is proven to be most to blame for the deaths. Benvolio is quite obviously the lest to blame for the deaths because he had the right intentions from the start and did not give up trying to make peace till the end. Romeo also had the right intentions but got carried away with his emotions, which was what caused him to kill Tybalt, so he was second least to blame. Mercutio ignored his friends advice and so was almost fully responsible for his own death, but Tybalt however killed Mercutio and he was the one that physically came looking for the fight and provoked Romeo in to killing him so he held most responsibility. The crowd though were certainly not innocent for they encouraged them and egged them on if the crowd had not done this, it all may not have happened. But the root cause to it all is the feuding between the two families in the first place. ...read more.

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