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Who Was Responsible For The Death Of Romeo + Juliet?

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Who Was Responsible For The Death Of Romeo + Juliet? In the play Romeo + Juliet, written by William Shakespeare all of the characters are somehow interconnected making for a very close-knit community. Therefore what one character does will somehow have an effect on all the others. This is the case in the eventual deaths of both Romeo and Juliet. Almost every character in the play does something (or doesn't do something) that affects the lover's star-crossed path. However there are a few that are more closely involved with one (or both) of the couple, therefore have more to do with the relationship. Those that spring to mind are, Mercuitio-best friend of Romeo, Tybalt-Juliet's cousin, Friar Lawrence-A priest who knows both of the families and finally The Prince, who is the ruler of the city and who also is supposed to keep law and order between the warring families, which he only achieves at the end through the death of Romeo and Julie. ...read more.


From this we can see what a complex story it actually is. The feud between the two families was one factor that contributed to Romeo and Juliet's love being destined for destruction. "From ancient grudge break to new mutiny". The two families, The Montagues (Romeo) and The Capulets (Juliet), had many problems. There was so much hate between the two families that even the servants hated each other. Obviously this feud would have caused many problems for Romeo and Juliet: these two young lovers knew this and consequently kept their marriage a secret fearing reprisal from their families. Both these families were very stubborn and their was hardly anything that would stop the fighting between the two. In the prologue we are warned that the only way that the conflict could be ended was with the death of Romeo and Juliet. "Doth with their death bury their parent's strife". Neither the Montagues nor the Capulets would have accepted the love Romeo and Juliet had for each other. ...read more.


In conclusion I think that the love between Romeo and Juliet was destined to fail to stop the families feuding. I do not think one person was responsible for the death of Romeo or Juliet, I do not think they bought it all on themselves by the haste in which they married, and after all they were in love. I do not think that Tybalt, Friar Lawrence, Mercutio, The Prince or The Nurse were directly to blame, but I do think that they could have changed the course of the play either through not being so hesitant, reluctant or violent. Obviously the feud between the two families is to blame, for had this not been they would have not been rushing, and it would not have been necessary for them to die to unite the families. However this play is a tragedy, and tragic it is for never was there a story of more woe, than this of Juliet and her Romeo. ...read more.

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