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Who was responsible for the death's of romeo and Juliet?

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Who was responsible for the deaths of Romeo and Juliet? 2/01/2008 Ms Chappell Sammi sidahmed 10Amo Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet is a tragic drama of two lovers who come from different families and fall in love, and end up both dead for each other. The families hate each other, which makes it difficult for Romeo and Juliet to see each other. The story is mainly based around fate and how it can control people's lives and make them unhappy and sometimes can cause death. This point is put across very clearly as in the story fate is the factor that end the story. The social context in which Shakespeare wrote was in the time of the Elizabethans. During this time the people strongly believed in fate and the huge role it plays in the lives of people, also the impact it has on them. They also believed in the stars guiding them. Romeo and Juliet (and also other characters) made reference to this several time throughout the play. So when Elizabethan audience watched this, they would have believed that due to the early references made in the text that this seal the tragic fate of Romeo and Juliet. ...read more.


And the houses were huge enemies. After this comes the contribution of individuals adding to the end result. Of course fate brought the two lovers together, but also Benvolio had a small part to play in this, although he was trying to help and made Romeo happy in the end. He persuaded Romeo to attend the Capulet ball and this is where Romeo meets Juliet. He specifically said "You must examine other beauties" So if Benvolio had not said anything maybe the two of them would have never met. From this moment, there was a mixture of fate and individual action. For example Tybalt killed Mercutio which filled Romeo with rage who then went on and killed Tybalt himself. This was after they had a formal warning from Prince Escales. He said that if there was another feud between the two houses the person responsible would be exiled. So punishment was taken upon Romeo. "And for that offence immediately we do exile him hence." This of course upset Juliet very much especially after that had just got married. ...read more.


But when he saw Juliet his words were "Did my heart love till now? Forswear it, sight! For I ne'er saw true beauty till this night." (Act 1 scene 5) In my own opinion, I think that the deaths of the two star-crossed lovers was not caused by just a single doing or person. It was done in steps and built up through the action of various people, however I think that the biggest role in their deaths was fate. I think that this tragedy had a good build up to it and also had a point at the end. It also had some slightly humorous and comical characters at times which made the play more interesting to read or watch. Shakespeare put across the point that if you let fate govern and control your life, this is what happens to you, he put this through to the very people that had the belief for fate. This was an extremely effective skill that must have caught the attention of many readers and made them just think. Over all I conclude that the message that was put across about fate was taken into account and passed on from different times, gradually changing the attitudes of people and their view towards fate. 1 ...read more.

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