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Who was to blame for the death of Romeo and Juliet?

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Who was to blame for the death of Romeo and Juliet? (28334) Romeo and Juliet a tragic love story. The story of the star crossed lovers. Nevertheless, from reading the text it becomes evident that there were more factors associated with the play than just tragedy. Firstly, the setting of the play is in Verona, Italy. Were all political decisions are made by one person. Also there is the idea that the passionate love between Romeo and Juliet, is over shadowed by the hatred between the Capulet family and Montague family alike. Although this feud has a big bearing towards the outcome of the play the events which lead to the death of the lovers can be grouped into several categories these being Love, chance, individuals, coincidence, and finally passion. When looking at the characters, which played apart towards the death of the lovers and could be branded as responsible. Tybalts fiery and volatile character comes into mind. Firstly, his actions and language throughout the play suggest that he is not rational and never once looks to amend any kind of peace between the families. ...read more.


Also neither of the couple had any person they could confide in. This meant that the couple blatantly carried on in the relationship without any members of the family knowing. Events that affected the outcome of the story were, the celebration held at the Capulet mansion. Romeo cannot control his feelings and spots Juliet "a lady in waiting" the original reason for being at this celebration is because he is making peace with Rosaline, but he does not attempt to talk to her. Instead cannot keep his eyes from this young girl. Tybalt however has second ideas. He tries to retaliate during the celebration, but is prevented by Lord Capulet, who in turn tell him not to cause any trouble. He ignores this advice. After the celebration though Tybalt ignores this advice and seeks to find Romeo. Mercutio is with Romeo and provides tough opposition to Tybalt. However, Tybalt does not want to fight Mercutio and instead wants words with Romeo. Romeo is reluctant to fight. This incident does not have substantial bearing on the play, but does affect the total outcome. ...read more.


Juliet had now been let down by someone who was very close to her, Juliet was now very confused. I have said from the start that the relationship should have ended at the Capulet mansion. Individuals in the play have motives for there actions, Friar Lawrence used love to bring to people together. Tybalt was protecting his family name and pride. Mercutio was also playing a protective role towards Romeo. The nurse felt that she was helping Juliet but all she did was give Juliet hassle that she could not cope with. In addition, she wrongly advised Juliet. If the lovers had been honest about their relationship perhaps, the outcome may have been different. If the end it can be said, individuals in the end pushed the couples over the edge. However, in the end the blame boils down to the two lovers. The lack of maturity shown by the lovers led to their deaths, the couple were left and isolated from both parents so they could not turn to any body. In the end both families were left, to see the damage their feud had caused. One question that will be left unanswered is, did any of the individuals realize the significance of their actions? ...read more.

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