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Who was to Blame for the Death of Romeo and Juliet.

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Romeo and Juliet are the children of two enemies, the Montagues and Capulets; Romeo Montague and Juliet Capulet. These two fell in love at first sight at a Capulet's party and during the coarse of their love, many tragedies and complications took place and in the end it led to Romeo and Juliet's Death. Was there only one, some or many people to blame for their death? The two families play a main part in the tragedy. If they didn't have a feud in the beginning maybe none of this would have happened. Romeo and Juliet wouldn't have had to get married secretly if the families hadn't quarrelled. If it was an ancient grudge why not just forget and forgive? Tybalt is a cause of making the feud greater. He always caused trouble; he started a fight, which led to his own death and the banishment of Romeo. His violence caused the hatred for the two families to grow. Just because Romeo went to the party, Tybalt made such a big deal out of it as he says in act 1 scene 5 "When such a villain is a guest; I'll not endure him." Romeo didn't do anything to Tybalt, nor did he cause any trouble in the party. ...read more.


Friar Laurence shouldn't have got Romeo and Juliet married, as he knew it was wrong. He was aware of the fact that they were both too young to make such big decisions. He did do it for a good cause though; he wanted the two families to make up again as he says in act 2 scene 6 "Till holy church incorporate two in one." In the end it only caused the death of the two children. In the end, Friar Laurence only worried about himself so that he didn't get caught as he says in act 5 scene 3 "(Noise again) I dare no longer stay." Friar Laurence was very selfish. I think giving Juliet was a very good thing though because if it weren't for fate, the letter would have got to Romeo in time. Friar Laurence was a good person but he let himself a bit down at the end of the play. The prince had a chance to stop the feud between the two families but instead he just banished Romeo. One would think that the Prince was on the Capulet's side because the Montagues got two punishments - Mercutio died and Romeo was banished and the Capulet's only got 1- Tybalt died. ...read more.


He is basically telling his friends that he will die young because of something in the stars. If they had known before hand that Juliet was a Capulet and Romeo was a Montague, maybe they wouldn't have fallen in love. It was fate that told them only after they had fallen in love. In the end of the story, it was fate, which didn't let Romeo receive the letter in time as Friar Laurence says in act 5 scene 2 "Unhappy fortune." Why was there a feud, why did the Montague and Capulet children have to fall in love, why didn't the message get to Romeo, why did Juliet only wake up seconds after Romeo had drank the poison. Everything was fate. Love and hate could be a reason too. If there were no such thing as love or hate, none of this would have happened. I personally think that love is too strong to describe their relationship because they hardly even knew each other. They looked at each other, spoke for five minutes and decided to get married - is that really love? By looking at this essay, it can be concluded that everyone was part of the cause of Romeo and Juliet's death but there isn't a specific person who is to blame. More than the people, I think that fate was the most to blame because if fate hadn't taken over, these tragedies and complications wouldn't have occurred. ...read more.

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