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Who was to Blame for the Death of Romeo and Juliet

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Who was to Blame for the Death of Romeo + Juliet? In the story of Romeo + Juliet, two families (Montague and Capulet) are bitter rivals. The problem for Romeo is that he is a Montague but has fallen in love with the daughter of Lord Capulet who has already been projected to marry Paris. Romeo sneaks into a Capulet house party and goes off with Juliet but when the two try to see each other, there is always something getting in the way. In the end, Romeo is deported out of the town for slaying Tybalt (Juliet's cousin). Juliet decides enough is enough and takes a medicine that knocks her unconscious for 48 hours. ...read more.


The nurse was very close to Juliet as her own daughter had died at a young age and so she saw Juliet as her second daughter. In reality, the nurse was much too soft on Juliet (unlike her parents). Juliet saw the nurse as a better carer than her blood parents and the nurse would abide by any request Juliet made. The nurse agreed to keep the relationship a secret and gave advice to Juliet on how they could possibly get married. Next is Friar Laurence, he was the Friar at the local church in Verona and he too was just like Juliet's nurse. He agreed to marry them and gave personal advice to both of them individually. ...read more.


Juliet always fell out with her parents (particularly her father). Her father should not have forced her to marry Paris and definitely should not had brought her and Paris' wedding forward. Another mistake of her parents was letting Juliet have such a nurse that would care for Juliet and let her do what she wanted. In conclusion, using what I have stated above, I believe that the nurse was most to blame for the deaths of Romeo + Juliet. This is because she was way too soft when looking after Juliet and the fact that she agreed to keep their relationship secret was criminal. The nurse should have been much stricter with Juliet and asked her parents before she did anything out of the ordinary. ...read more.

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