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Who will have a successful relationship, Benedick and Beatrice or Claudio and Hero?

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´╗┐Which pairing do you have the most confidence in having a successful relationship and why? We already know that Benedick and Beatrice share a romantic past as she admits to Don Pedro that ?[Benedick] lent it me awhile ? a double heart for his single one.? Since they have had some sort of history together before the events of the play, we assume that they know each other quite well. Even though this previous relationship did not last, their love is much more genuine as both Beatrice and Benedick do not mean to fall in love with each other, especially as they ?suffer love? for each other. ...read more.


They are easily fooled by their peers into thinking that they are the subject of unrequited love but perhaps this is because they both want to believe that the other person loves them. In Act 2 Scene 3, just as Benedick has overheard that Beatrice was in love with him, Beatrice is sent to ?call him in to dinner?. Benedick immediately claims to himself that he can ?spy some marks of love in her?. At this point, we know that Beatrice does not know herself that she is in love with him, so Benedick must be hoping that she does love him. ...read more.


The couple have also accepted that they are not perfect and Benedick even asks Beatrice: ?for which of my bad parts didst thou first fall in love with me?? Since they are alone in this dialogue, we get a glimpse of what they could be like everyday if they were married. We see that they still tease each other, but only lightly- ?Thou and I are too wise to woo peaceably?. This directly contrasts what Claudio said in Act 2- ?Silence is the perfectest herald of joy? and this leads us to realise that Benedick is implying that a successful relationship must be full of dialogue and interaction. ...read more.

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