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whos life is it anyway ?

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In this essay I will be looking at how Clark (the author) portrays Ken (the main character's) anger gradually building up to the point where he cracks. Ken, who has been seriously injured in a road accident which left him paralyzed from the neck down, is in a position where he wants to be left to die but the law says he can't. That makes him feel isolated and he feels like he is not in control of his own body. This topic is very relevant at the moment due to a local young rugby player being paralyzed after a rugby accident left him paralyzed. He decided to go and end his life in Switzerland where this option is legal. Ken's attitude to the nurses is quiet flirtatious and he seems a nice person, although he breaks down in emotion, I think the reader new that he couldn't always be happy and it gives a bit of dramatic irony to the play. ...read more.


Ken listens to her explaining this machine and seems very interested; he even asks a question, 'what about arithmetic'. Mrs. Boyle tries to cheer him up by telling him about all the functions and possibilities. Ken is upset when he thinks about his old life and this makes him feel depressed. Through out the story, Ken is gradually being pushed to the edge. Mrs. Boyle is very professional and it shows through the way she talks to Ken. This technique she uses makes Ken feel like his opinion doesn't matter. Ken says sarcastically 'how to be a sculptor with no hands' as a book suggestion, Mrs. Boyle immediately changes the subject and replies with 'I will be back tomorrow with the machine'. Ken is really angered by this comment and erupts with rage. ...read more.


'The very exercise of your so called professionalism makes me want to die'. Hearing this Mrs. Boyle is lost for words. At this point Ken is so upset he has trouble breathing so is given oxygen to calm himself down. To get to the point where he finds it hard to breathe, he must have been really showing his true feelings. In my opinion Ken should be able to decide whether to stop treatment or not. When we did the home work about putting our self in his position, it changes the way you think about how Ken's life would have be. After lying there for 15 mins you realise how it would be to be isolated to the world. I think that the sense of not being in control of your self has the biggest part to play in the way Ken reacts to everything, Mrs. Boyle does have a part to play but I think Ken is the one that causes this mental breakdown. Rob Macleod ...read more.

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