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Whose life is it anyway?

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Whose life is it anyway? "Have me on the floor sister please" using this quotation and others from the text explain Brain Clark's use of humour in the character of Ken. How would an audience respond to this aspect of his character? In the play "whose life is it anyway?" the scene has been set in a hospital. The main charter is paralysed from the chest down. Ken Harrison has been put into the hospital after a serious road accident, which has now left him in a 30-hour comer. He is suffering with a fractured left tibia and right tibia, fractured pelvis, four fractured ribs one of which punctured his lung and a dislocated fourth vertebra that has damaged his spinal cord. He was transmitted to the hospital on the 9th October but he now faces the fact that he can't move a single bone in his body and he avoids the situation of being paralysed by humour. ...read more.


I fell sorry for Nurse Sadler because he really takes it out on her, but wouldn't you? He begins to realise there is nothing that he can do there won't be a job for him; he wouldn't do any handy work so there is no point living his life. He start's to be less funny and more serious as the play goes on and starts to get more agitated and angry. Dr Emerson the nasty charter of the play is trying to be a life saver, he does what he thinks is right as in one part of the play Dr Emerson walk's into the room and pulls the needle out and asks Ken if he would like it Ken replies "Don't stick that thing in me!!" but knowing doctor Emerson he does and doesn't care what Ken says. Everyone sees and hears what Dr Emerson has done and know turn onto Kens side. ...read more.


This play is get and shows the emotion that Ken goes through, in the video it show how he fells about his fianc� and about the love of his act. I think this is a great play for thought and feelings but I wouldn't pick it up for a quick read I don't like it as it is such a sad story. The good things about it is the emotion and what he says also the actions of the other charters make the play exiting in some parts serious in others then sad when it needs to be sad. The rating I would give the book is a miserable 3/10 the three is for emotion it isn't the book to get really involved with but it does help understand that in some case's euthanasia is needed but only when the law has said it is ok. My favourite part is the beginning simply because its funny energetic and reels you in. As I have said I wont read "whose life is it anyway/" again. By Alex Godwin ...read more.

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