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Whose Life is it Anyway?

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Whose Life is it Anyway? Nurse Sadler enters Ken's room with his breakfast. NURSE Morning Mr Harrison, and how are you today? KEN Oh I'm just fine, I've just got back from my morning session at the gym and my brisk walk though the park I thought I might go for a swim later. NURSE I can see the sarcasm levels are high this morning Mr Harrison. Well after all of that you must have worked yourself up quite an appetite. Do you feel like having some breakfast? KEN That all depends what it is. NURSE Well it looks lovely; toast, cereal and orange juice. KEN Oh go on then! Sister Anderson enters SISTER Morning Mr Harrison you have a visitor. KEN If it's that Mrs Boyle and her so-called handy tips and helpful ways, I think I'll pass. SISTER You are one for quick fire comments Mr Harrison. KEN No, I am one for being brutally honest. Something you doctors, nurses and so-called medical social workers have a problem with... honesty! Whenever I say something remotely awkward or candid, you just pretend that I haven't said anything at all. SISTER You are awfully angry today Mr Harrison. Ken rolls his eyes over at the Sister's comment. ...read more.


KEN Jennifer please be quiet, I am trying to tell you something which is really hard to say. I can't offer you what you need and most importantly what you want. JENNIFER Ken what are you saying? We have so many plans.... KEN No we HAD so many plans, none of which we can do now that I am in this useless vegetative state. JENNIFER Don't speak like that! KEN Speak like what? Speak the truth? Jen I have face up to the fact that I will never be able to walk again, in fact live with any sort of normality in my life, I think it's about time that you faced up to that. JENNIFER I have faced up to that. Although it's a clich´┐Ż, none of that matters as long as we are together. KEN For every three minutes of good times we would share together, we would have three hours of misery, I can't live like that and I know you can't. And you talk about the so-called plans we have, like travelling and getting married and one day even having children. I can't even go to the toilet naturally, I have to have a catheter. I love you Jennifer, and I will never stop loving you, but it's not fair on you. ...read more.


Ken I do respect what your saying, and I respect you, and if it's for that reason and that reason alone, than I will do what you're asking of me. I'll go. But I'll never forget you Ken; you have been such a big part of my life for so long. I hope you never forget me. KEN Of course I won't. I will never stop thinking about you in fact loving you, but you have to go and get on with your own life, poseur your own career and I really hope you find happiness in whatever you do. JENNIFER I 'm doing this for you Ken, I couldn't denied you you're..... Wish. KEN Careful you nearly said dying wish. Send my love to everyone won't you? JENNIFER Oh before I forget, Katie and Tom from next door send there love, oh and they have just had a little baby boy KEN That's pretty ironic, don't you think? JENNIFER What do you mean ironic? KEN Well our life together has just ended and, I new life has just began. Ken turns his head is the opposite direction, as his eyes begin to well up JENNIFER I suppose it is. I guess this is goodbye. KEN I guess it is. Jennifer picks up her bag, and walks towards the door. She looks back at Ken, but Ken is still facing in the opposite direction. Lights fade. ...read more.

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