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Whose reality

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'IT IS IMPOSSIBLE TO TELL A COMPLTELY TRUTHFUL STORY' Throughout our lives we are faced with events, people and places which together form the fundamentals of what our reality is based upon. The way in which we recount a story can become clouded by what we have experienced in the past and also the environment in which we grew up in. Hence the concept of retelling a completely truthful story is an illusion. A truthful story does not exist, as our entire life is built upon the subjectivity of our feelings and thoughts, especially when the reality of a situation encountered cannot be objectively verified. In fact, it was written that 'memory may falter and portraiture is a highly subjective endeavour, but I have tried to tell a truthful story' by Robert Drewe. Indeed, there are various perceptions of reality which are influenced by our subjective view on life; hence no story can be claimed a 'truthful' story. ...read more.


Ability to recount a truthful story is influenced by the dislocation of time and the realities experienced at different stages of an individual's life. Reality is never constant- it is always changing and this is especially true when comparing childhood realities to those perceived in adulthood often change has the ability to shift one's perception of reality. After becoming used to this change, the individual's initial perception s distorted due to the separation in time. The manner in which the dislocation of time can shift the perception of realities is evident when Robert describes Melbourne just as he eaves for Perth. 'Ordered Melbourne world of frost lawns and trimmed hedges, of grandparents and shoes and socks and winter overcoats.' However, after some period of time Robert's view on Melbourne changes- 'We'd be dragged away from our friends, torn out of Western Australia and sent to austere new schools, to live among pale , citified Easterners with no appreciation of the casual coastal life.' ...read more.


The Robert looking at hindsight of the death of his mother is very guilt-ridden this can be due to the memories he is faced with; whether they are a reconstruction or the 'reality' of the event. Of course Robert Drewe has selected thee memories of his childhood that could have been an exaggeration or simply a subjective perception of what happened to him later in his life. Though we may experience the same event, there are many perceptions of that reality and the recounting of that story will never cease to differ between every individual. Every single individual is brought up differently - different environments, views, moral values and of course different memories. The perceptions created by one's experience may be a complete reconstruction or can be influenced by the passing of time where reality is a shifting concept. It is always changing course and is never constant. Selective memory comes into play when someone feels it necessary to shield their past or present perceptions from the judging eye of the external world. Hence a 'truthful' story- whatever that may be is simply a figment of our imagination. ...read more.

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