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Why Beauty Pagents are bad

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Why beauty pageants are bad. Hello everybody. I am privileged enough to talk to you guys on why I don't like beauty pageants for little kids, or beauty contests for little kids. First, let me start with a story about a friend of mine, who once told me the story of when she entered a beauty contest when she was four. After the pageant, a mother of one of the other contestants hit her daughter because she did not win the contest. From then on, my friend's father forbade her to enter another pageant again. How would you feel if you were this girl, 4 years old, and being told that someone else was prettier, better than you? ...read more.


When the kids grow up they will always be competing with the other children, which could cause them to lose friends, or not to have any. Also, some children encounter problems with school friends or siblings after participating in contests. Jealousy may cause problems, especially if the kid flaunts a title showing that they won a beauty contest. Also, I think it teaches young children that being pretty is the only value in today's society. I don't think applying make up to small children and letting their hair get done like an adult is really healthy at all. I think it makes them grow up too fast, missing out on the fun things, like riding a bike and making sandcastles, that little kids do. ...read more.


Getting ready could take most of the day. As a lot of people don't approve, people could make fun little kid because they lost and that could lead to low self esteem and if that gets bad enough, it could lead to suicide. Also, a child called JonBenet Ramsey, who had won loads of beauty contests got murdered in 1996 she was announced missing, Police are not sure who did it, but some people think that is was a man called John Karr, most of them think that it was JonBenet's parents. If her parents could have done that to their daughter, how many more could do the same? To conclude, I would like to say that I disagree with Beauty Contests for children, as some of them they tend to grow up self - centered, depressed and with easting disorders. ...read more.

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