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Why cell phones should be allowed in schools.

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´╗┐Most adults have a cell phone and even children as young as 8 years of age own one. Cell phones can be used for a lot more than talking. Cell phones can be used in the classroom to help students with their academics. Young adults can use the calenders to record due dates for homework and tests. As Americans we have grown accustomed on relying on our cells for our communication needs. Also, students need cell phones in case of an emergency. Remember the massacre that happened at Columbine School? ...read more.


Most cell phones have calendars on them, so students can put the due date of a test that is coming up. In addition, students could record their teacher giving a lecture. Also, parents and students rely on their cell phones to get in contact with each other. Parents may need to get in contact with their children because of a family emergency such as, a death in the family or an accident that has happened. If parents are able to call or text their children at school, then it would be less likely chance that a mix-up would occur relaying messages. ...read more.


For these reasons, cell phones can become lifesavers in an emergency. If a student happened to pass out in a classroom, it would be faster to call on a cell phone versus taking 5 minutes to run down to the office and make the call. Ultimately, this could save a student's life. In essence, cell phones are imperative in our lives. In an emergency cell phones could save a person's life by being able to get in contact with the police. Cells can also help parents know where their children are after school. Today, cell phones are more like a small hand-held computer. That could become very useful in schools that don't have a lot of extra computers for the children to use. ...read more.

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