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Why Chavs Should Be Banned

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WHY CHAVS SHOULD BE BANNED Chav. Pikey. British hillbilly. We've heard them all before, and we see them on the streets all the time. We all hate them and I'm here to explain why they should all be banned... and preferably incarcerated. The first thing we notice when seeing a chav are their trousers - or should I say their underwear, because their trousers usually hang down in the ankle vicinity. If I was paying �9.99 to a website to provide me with images like this, then maybe I would be fine with it - but I'm not, and chavs wearing their trousers so low is nothing but indecent. ...read more.


I suppose it adds to their gangster factor though, and also assists in making them look hard. I mean, come on, if we saw their adolescence face walking down an alley, we wouldn't exactly be scared would we? Thirdly, they're always playing really loud, really rubbish music either on their phones or in their pimpmobiles. On buses, in the street, in shops, wherever you see them, they always do it. Friends', seeing a chav in a car without any music on probably means you're looking at a police car. But music would have to be a very vague term to include the kind of trash they listen to; a bunch ...read more.


Even worse, you'll find a big plague of townies outside swarming the place leaving it near impossible to enter by any other person. They drool over the fact that they could also, one day, be serving burgers and chips for �3.85 an hour. Their wish for these jobs leads me to name them: "The Wannabe Maccy D Ratboys." With all this in mind, it seems to me the real reason we should lock up chavs and chavettes is because they are a waste of space, underwear and good oxygen. They're a public nuisance and find hype in creating new words which spread amongst the youth. So please, friends, join with me in the rebellion against chavs, and get ... them ... banned! ...read more.

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