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Why Corporal Punishmment Shouldn't Come Bck

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Why Corporal Punishment Shouldn't Come Back Corporal punishment is punishment which may be used in a school classroom by the teacher when a pupil behaves badly, breaks rules or whether they have performed badly at a test. Corporal punishment, however, is painful and humiliating, and no one wants to get caned. Everyone knows that corporal punishment is physical, but what many people don't know is that it's mental as well. Although you're getting hit across the hand rather hard, you must be feeling humiliated to see that the whole class's attention is on you or even hearing the slightest snigger, and all you have managed to do is answer a question wrong. ...read more.


it does deal with the matter there and then but it has many long term effects, such as shyness or aggression. Although cases are rare, some teachers may take advantage of their position in power and may punish children for pleasure, and this law also might attract the wrong type of person to a teaching career. Many pupils will be scared to ask a question, cough, sneeze, or even volunteer for a certain task. This will have a dramatic effect on the pupils' confidence and as tests have shown the pupils' education. ...read more.


Research also even claims that it often does the opposite of what it is there for: Obedience. So after all the consequences and costly factors it doesn't even do what its there for. That's ridiculous. So I conclude, why should schools inflict pain upon their pupils for little benefits and contain many downsides. And why should we risk something so huge when it has minimum beneficial outcomes? Society has to pay dearly for something that doesn't even work, has dangerous effects, and has no gain at all. Why bring it back? The answer is keep our modern day society the way it is and don't bring back unworthy changes such as corporal punishment. ...read more.

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