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Why did Britain beat the Nazis in the Battle of Britain

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Why did Britain beat the Nazis in the Battle of Britain? The Battle of Britain was fought totally as an Air battle, this was because Britain, being an island was unreachable from any other continent by the mean of land transport. This gave Britain a significant advantage however, the German should have won because, they outnumbered the British planes in the air by almost 5 to 1. The German aircraft was also of very high quality they had over 1000 Messerschmitt 109's and the Heinkel 3 fighters that were both equipped with machine guns. They also had 1600 Junkers Ju88 and the Dornier D.17 bombers. The aircraft should have been able to break the lines of British planes and bomb the major town successfully. Britain was forced to fight over her own shorelines and also the English Channel. This led to many different advantages, the first of which is that the pilots that were shot down could bail out of their planes over Britain and return to the Battle, however the Germans that were shot ...read more.


This piece of Technology allowed the RAF pilots enough time to get into their planes and get to the right height ready to fight. The RAF had also installed bullet proof glass onto their planes, this led to an increase in the amount of pilots that were able to return to action after their planes had been shot down, it also increased the average fly time of the RAF aircraft, this led to an increasing ratio on German to British planes being shot down. Air Chief Marshall Sir Hugh Dowding had knowledge of the modern aircrafts abilities, having flown in them himself, and also the tactics that were needed to win modern air battles. Herman Goerring on the other hand had little to no knowledge of the modern aircraft abilities, or indeed even the tactics that needed to be utilised in the planes. He was confident the sheer size of the Luftwaffe would be enough to over come Britain. ...read more.


Germany Concentrated on bombing the British towns so they had heavy bombers and stukas, which they had used at Dunkirk , the only air offensive planes that the Germans had were the Messerschmitt Bf 109E-1. These Messerschmitts were only capable of going 354mph, which gave them significant disadvantages of the faster spitfires, which were able to go 361mph. The British also used the Hawker Hurricanes, these were slower than the Spitfires and Messrschmitts but they had superior ammo capacity, which made them the preferred planes of the British. During the Battle of Britain the Hurricanes shot down more enemy aircraft than the rest of Britons air and ground defences. Britain as well as their aircraft as defence also had anti-aircraft guns which gave them big advantages to starting a defence as they could shoot down many aircraft before the Dogfights started, this meant that the initial German advantages of superior numbers was shortened. In conclusion the Britons won the Battle of Britain because they had the home ground, they had superior aircraft for the dogfight battle that occurred, and the Leadership qualities of Sir Hug Dowding outstripped those of Herman Goerring. ...read more.

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