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Why Did George Shoot Lennie?

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Why Did George Shoot Lennie? George and Lennie are good friends. They have been good friends for quite sometime. When he was a child Lennie was brought up by his Aunt Clara, and they lived in a town called Auburn. George also lived in Auburn, and knew Aunt Clara. When she died Lennie tagged along with George and they went to work on the ranches together. During that time they began to get on well and that's why they are friends now. Lennie is a guy who is about 6ft 4inches tall, and he has the strength of a bull. Lennie is not the cleverest of people; in fact he is just like a child. All the things a child likes, Lennie also likes. ...read more.


When Curley was hitting Lennie he did not retaliate until George told him to, because he did want to make George angry. George laid down some rules to Lennie, because he knows that he will get into trouble and one of the main rules was to leave Curley's wife alone. Lennie complied with the rules for quite sometime, he try's to get away most of the time, and on one occasion Curley's wife manages to make him stay with her. Lennie was happy to stay with her, as he loved beautiful things, but he got too close and something terrible happened. He was stroking her hair, and then she asked him to stop, but of course he didn't and she began to struggle and so Lennie broke her neck. ...read more.


I think there are many reasons for him doing this. I think one reason is because Lennie, is just no good for himself. He just does not know what he is doing, which does not help things. He is also a weight on George's back, which he does not need to carry and does not want too anymore. George wanted to kill Lennie himself, he did not want Curly to do it, because he would die in a way which George did not want him to. George knows that he did not mean to do it, but he has to die. There is really point in Lennie being locked up in a cage either. It is like Candy and his dog, earlier in the novel. He was just too much of a handful and George had to let him go. This is why I think George killed Lennie. Henry Matthews (7APS) ...read more.

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