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"Why did I marry?" Answer Othello's question

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"Why did I marry?" Answer Othello's question Why did Othello marry is an incredibly complex question, which took substantial consideration, however the obvious answer would be that he loves Desdemona, but why does he love her and why does his love turn to hate so quickly in Act III scene 3 requires much thought and consideration. Othello likes people to be plain and open because that is what he himself is, he has grown to become his image, he is only on the surface, he hides nothing because that is his image, to only have one side, the military side. Thus Desdemona also seems to him very open, he likes her because he thinks she is like him however when he finds that she might be hiding something from him then he stops loving her. At the same time Othello needs a wife to complete his image, she is the proof that he is a successful general and Christian and he can show her off as such. ...read more.


She is his "hard bright surface" because she reflects his image when he looks at her. She is commanding, smart and self-confident which he sees as his own best qualities. She shows how commanding and smart she is when she first answers her father in Act I scene 3: To you I am bound for life and education; My life and education both do learn me How to respect you. You are the lord of duty, I am hitherto your daughter. But here's my husband, And so much duty as my mother showed To you, preferring you before her father... She also accepts being disturbed during her wedding night thus displaying her patience. Othello has a very hard time coping with people who are not open thus the person he married would have to be completely open to him so that the second he starts to believe that she might be hiding something from him he starts to doubt her. ...read more.


Othello loves Desdemona not only because she is like him but also because she completes his own image. Othello is obviously ashamed of his ancestry, of being a Moor so that he tries to take on the image of the crusader, of the middle-age knight which is the opposite of a Moor. To complete this image he needs a companion, a wife that he finds in Desdemona. On one hand she provides him with proof that he is a good Christian and on the other hand her rich Venetian family means that she is a suitable wife for the image he is trying to uphold. Even the way he attracts her to him is keeping with the image of the courtly code. Othello needed to marry to complete his image but at the same time his wife and his relationship had to reflect his own one-sideness. Desdemona was perfect for him because she loved him, was like him and was suitable to be the wife of an important general. ...read more.

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