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Why did Lloyd George win so overwhelmingly in the 1918 Election, yet fall from power in 1922

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Why did Lloyd George win so overwhelmingly in the 1918 Election, yet fall from power in 1922? Lloyd George was an inspirational and creative leader, probably the most original British statesman of his time. Lloyd George generated a sense of motivation in the British public and was adventurous to say the least when it came to what he was willing to promise his country. However, Lloyd George did have his imperfections, which were the only thing that prevented him from becoming probably one of the best leaders in British history. Lloyd George would stop at nothing to get what he wanted which made some say he was devious and unscrupulous in his methods, he simply wanted what was best for him and his country. ...read more.


Lloyd George's election looked to be a crucial and promising part of Britain's future. Lloyd George's fall from power may have been due to several reasons. Towards the end of his time in office he lost support incredibly. He was said to have aroused every feeling in the British nation but trust. "In all of his greatest acts there was an element of self-seeking." Lloyd George was dynamic but ruthless. He was not worthy of trust and he lacked stability, the Conservative Party repudiated him. To be fair to Lloyd George he faced problems of mammoth proportions. He was hailed to be "The Man who won the War" yet other problems would arise that would threaten his position as Prime Minister. Social and economic problems were probably Lloyd George's long-term thorn in his side. ...read more.


Industrial unrest also posed huge threats to Lloyd George and more importantly the Government. Syndicalism, the French idea that a General Strike of big enough proportions could bring down and cripple a Government, was always possible. The Tripple Alliance formed by rail workers, miners and factory workers set out to improve better hours and wages for these workers. Lloyd George's main aim would have been to sort out the situation abroad. With the uncertainty hanging over Germany, the crisis in Chanak and the situation in Ireland, Lloyd George didn't have much of a chance to rescue the situation. After the embarrassment of Chanak came Ireland Things are being done in Ireland that would disgrace the blackest of annals of the lowest despotism in Europe Conclusively I think that the sheer amount of endless problems Lloyd George had to face finished him off These problems almost single handedly decided his fait as Prime Minister ...read more.

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