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Why did Macbeth decide to kill King Duncan

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Why did Macbeth decide to kill King Duncan? I intend to discuss why Macbeth decided to kill King Duncan. William Shakespeare wrote Macbeth in the summer of 1606, it is set in the location of Scotland. The theme is "Fair is Foul" and "Foul is Fair" which means not everything is what it seems to be, (such as Macbeth), who turned from a loyal servant into a brutal murderer. At that time William Shakespeare's audience "Elizabethans" believed the world had good and evil powers. They believed that the evil powers of witches controlled people's lives. ...read more.


The witches are partly to blame for Macbeth's actions because they made Macbeth think that he would be King if he killed King Duncan. They made him a brutal murderer from a loyal servant. At that time Shakespeare's audience believed that the witches could see into the future and it would be their fault if anything happened. Lady Macbeth is partly to blame because she also changes his character from a loyal servant to a brutal murderer, She persuades and manipulates his to kill King Duncan by saying "I have given suck, and know how tender tis to love the babe that milks me. ...read more.


I believe that the if Lady Macbeth hadn't constantly kept on at Macbeth about the witches' prediction then Macbeth would have waited for nature to take its course. By Macbeth being influenced by his wife I think that he wasn't very strong willed and easily manipulated, as men in those days were known as strong and powerful while women were weak and passive. Lady Macbeth was different and had her own opinions on life and how she wanted to become Queen. In my opinion I believe that the witches are the most to blame because if they hadn't meddled in Macbeth's life by predicting the future then the King and innocent people wouldn't have killed and nature would have taken its course. ...read more.

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