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Why did Romeo and Juliet die?

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Why did Romeo and Juliet die? Was it fate? Was it adolescent passion? Was it the feud? Was it fathers? What other causes? For many reasons people wonder why Romeo and Juliet died some people think it was by fate and some think it was their adolescent passion, this is what makes Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet one of the greatest love stories and also a great symbol for true love. Lets revise the story to analyse the cause of their death. As the story opens we can see that Romeo and Juliet's family the Montague's and the Capulets are feuding and at the beginning of the play it is said that the two families have been feuding for so long that the families have forgotten why they are actually fighting. The two families are disturbing the peace in Verona so much that prince Escalus himself had to break up a fight between the two families. In the beginning the story starts with Romeo who is in love with Rosaline but Rosaline does not show any feelings for Romeo and then coldly rejects Romeo, Romeo then tries to repair his broken heart by going to a party to take his mind off the pain. ...read more.


Feuding: if the two families were not fighting Romeo and Juliet would not have been sneaking around the they were, the families should have resolved there differences a long time ago Shakespeare mentions that they do not now what they were fighting about. The constant feuding causes violence very good evidence of this is when Romeo kills Tybalt. Fueding started of with fear, fear of which family would dominate fear led to anger, anger led to predujice and predujice led to violence. The two families could be one of the reasons why the lovers died. Fate: it is said that Romeo and Juliet were star-crossed lovers (prologue, line 6) meaning that they were not really meant for each other, astrologers say that certain star signs do not fit together because their traits and characters are different, maybe this was the case of Romeo and Juliet. If Mercutio never persuaded Romeo to go to the party he would have never met Juliet and if they never met they would not have died and Mercutio too. ...read more.


When Juliet told her father Lord Capulet that she did not wish to marry Paris, he was very angry and also adding the fact that she is married to Romeo makes things even worse. He felt like he had been taken for a fool after everything he had done for her in the play he says "Gods bread, it makes me mad day, night, work, play, alone in company, still my care hath been to have her matched" (act three scene five, lines 176 to 179). Which means that all he ever wanted was happiness for his daughter, Lord Capulet who had promised Paris his daughter's hand in marriage decides to warn her saying that if she does not marry Paris he will disown her, which led to Juliet faking her death and causing the tragedy that is soon to come. Conclusion: in the conclusion I would say again that there are many reasons why Romeo and Juliet both died, based on my opinion I think it was the feuding of the two families that caused the catastrophic death of Romeo and Juliet. I also believe that fate plays an important part in this story and without it the story would not have gone the way it did. ...read more.

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