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Why Did The Normans Win the Battle Of Hastings?

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Why Did The Normans Win the Battle Of Hastings? In 1066 king Edward died without children, this meant that Harold Godwinson was chosen to be the next King. However this was not so easy, because two other determined young men also wanted to be King. These men were Harald Hadrarda and William of Normandy. The only way to decide who was going to be king was to fight a Battle............... After the Battle of Stamford Bridge (In which Harald had died,) Harold prepared to fight William, but this was going to be tough, both men were desperate to be next King and there could only be one winner and Williams's army were very, very skilful. ...read more.


William had some clever techniques; William decided that he and his army would pretend to flee. Their plan worked the English left their safe hilltop and ran down the hill, after the Normans, the Normans had hoped the English would do this; they simply turned around and slaughtered the English. This shows that William was very devious, skilful and so determined that he would have done anything to win the Battle and become King. William was a very organised leader he made sure that everything was going to go right, he made sure that his army were spaced out well. William had luck on his side during and before the Battle took place, there is a lot of evidence showing this. ...read more.


However I think there are some other reasons why William won, there is a lot of evidence showing this. For a start: During the Battle Harold was killed; the English army were weak without their leader. The story goes that Harold had an arrow shot in his eye, and died instantly. I think that both Harold and William were excellent leaders. They were both brave and determined. Unfortunately, Harold had a lot of bad luck unlike William. In conclusion, I think that William deserved to win the Battle of Hastings. He was a good leader, a brave man, and so determined to win that he eventually became the next king. But he did not only win because of all this. The reason that William won came down to three main reasons............... These are *SKILL *DETERMINATION AND *LUCK By Jennifer Hassan 7S ...read more.

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