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Why did The Whitechapel Murders Attract So Much Attention in 1888?

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Why did The Whitechapel Murders Attract So Much Attention in 1888? There were many reasons why the Whitechapel murderers were very popular perhaps one of them would be that It was an astonishing story a serial killer who leaves no clues kills random and prostitutes in Whitechapel area which was very poor and a lot of criminals lived there but not of the calibre of Jack the ripper. The people wanted to read about it and make sure they know all of the details like some people say ''There is no better news than bad news'' Another reason could be the fact that Jack the ripper was killing his victims very brutally by slashing their throat from ear to ear this also caught the attention of the public. ...read more.


All but three are now considered to be false but of the three the letter titled "from hell" is mostly considered to be genuine. Addressed to Mr Lusk a vigilante heading the "vigilance committee" there was, with the letter half a kidney, believed to be that of Kate Eddows who was another prostitute murdered brutally by Jack the ripper. Jack the ripper was the first famous serial killer up to 1888 no one in England had heard about serial killers. The story was very frightening as well as interesting because jack the ripper had no motive which scared the people even more. So what managed to achieve such hype about a brutal and disgusting story. ...read more.


However the police do not think this letter was actually written by the real Jack the ripper because he the person who sent this letter could have read it in the newspapers. Whether these letters were genuine or not, the effect that they had was dramatic and it had made all of the people to be afraid when they walk at night. In my conclusion I would like to say that all of the reasons I have stated above are making the murderers so popular but maybe the detail in which the newspapers presented the story to the people was the biggest factor as to why Jack the ripper murderers were so popular. By Tony Baranov 11AN ...read more.

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