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Why did the Whitechapel murders attract so much attention in 1888?

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WHY DID THE WHITECHAPEL MURDERS ATTRACT SO MUCH ATTENTION IN 1888? There were many reasons why the "Jack the ripper" murders attracted so much attention in the streets of Whitechapel. The time span of the murders was 5 murders in 12 weeks. His identity remains unknown, but he was a serial killer who brutally and sometimes even inhumanely butchered at least 5 prostitutes in the Whitechapel district of Victorian London. The area of Whitechapel was an area of violence, notorious and of course crowded at that time. No wonder that the murders took place there. Full of prostitutes who wondered the streets at night, which made it simple for the murderer to get any helpless woman he wanted to slaughter. He was the first serial killer. ...read more.


Which city would be next? This attracted attention because Whitechapel was no longer the only area where murders took place. People in nearby cities started getting worried that the murderer would come to them. The night of the double murder was one of the events that is most remembered. It is due to the fact that he was able to kill two prostitutes. It was showing the people that he was able to kill people whenever he wanted. It was simply outrageous and shocking. There were rumours that Jack The Ripper could have been an immigrant. Many people thought this because; they didn't believe that a British person would kill and mutilate people like that. This attracted many people's attention, especially anti- immigrant interest. However there were other rumours, that the murderer could be a doctor. ...read more.


Many people bought the newspaper, and therefore saw those sensational illustrations. I believe that the Ripper murders attracted people attention in so many different ways. Their attitude and reactions lead to the resignation of Sir Charles Warren. This was mainly due to the radical press that mocked the Metropolitan police. I think that it attracted attention because it was basically shocking and inhuman to do mutilate a human being like that. All the murders were committed at night, with no reliable eyewitness accounts. Jack the Ripper! Few names in history are as instantly recognizable. Fewer still evoke such vivid images: noisome courts and alleys, hansom cabs and gaslights, swirling fog, prostitutes decked out in the tawdriest of finery, the shrill cry of newsboys - and silent, cruel death personified in the cape-shrouded figure of a faceless prowler of the night, armed with a long knife and carrying a black Gladstone bag. ...read more.

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