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Why did the Whitechapel murders attract so much attention in 1888?

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Why did the Whitechapel murders attract so much attention in 1888? The Ripper murders attracted lots of attention in 1888, causing widespread panic and conspiracy. I am going to discuss the Ripper victims, what Jack the Ripper actually did to his victims, the press and the Victorians obsession with the macabre. -Jack the Ripper murdered 5 woman, they were all prostitutes. Their names were Polly Nicholls, Annie Chapman, Elizabeth Stride, Catherine Eddowes and Mary Kelly. The 1st 4 victims were all in their late 40s, but the last woman was only 25. They all had their throat slashed, by a knife believed to be one inch wide and six inches long. Polly Nicholls was stabbed in the abdomen, the incisions were deep and caused by a long bladed knife. Annie Chapman had her stomach cut open, and her small intestines were lying above her right shoulder, but still attached. ...read more.


He also removed a kidney from the front of the victim rather than the side, meaning the surrounding organs weren't damaged. He would have most likely had experience using a knife because of managing to do what he did in the dark and keeping a look out for people. The brutal and sexual nature of the murder would have intrigued the public, especially since those targeted were prostitutes and were members of London's lower class. They could be described easily as 'colourful characters'. Even back in the Victorian times, violence and sex sold newspapers, and the Victorians were fascinated by the methods Jack used to murder his victims. Because of the Victorians like of gruesome things, and the brutality of the murders, more papers were sold as more people were interested in the killings. The press created panic with their publications. They used graphic descriptions, which scared the public. ...read more.


When the Ripper murders occurred, the Victorians were given something new to ogle at. What grasped the publics attention, was the pure nature of his crimes, his modus operandi shows this The Ripper letters gave Victorians more details about the attacks and gave Jack a personality, so they could imagine what kind of person he was. In the letters, he boasted about the murders, and was viewed as crazy. The longer the killer wasn't caught, the more Victorians lived in fear and panic. The murders were brutal and bloody, but the sexual nature that appeared to be there must have added an edge to the fear. The fact he only attacked prostitutes would have escalated this panic, as people would wonder why he only attacked them. People began speculating and adding their own two-bit about whom the murderer might be, as the police were evidently struggling. As the time went on and the murderer wasn't caught, speculation would have grown about whom he was which caused great racial discrimination in the East End. ?? ?? ?? ?? Siobhan Shaw 10BE ...read more.

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