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Why did the Whitechapel murders attract so much attention?

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Why did the Whitechapel murders attract so much attention? In this question I will be studying the various reasons why the Whitechapel murders attracted so much attention in 1888. This will focus on the Ripper victims and their own personal backgrounds, the murders and the similarities including the fact that they became more increasingly violent, the extensive press coverage due to the brutal murders as well as the increased press coverage on anti-Semitism and finally I will write about the actions of the mile end vigilance committee. My focus will turn to the 5 main ripper victims Mary Ann Nicholls (Polly), Annie Chapman, Elizabeth stride, Catherine Eddows and mary Kelly. There are many similarities between these five victims which link them to be the most believable ripper victims. The most initial similarity between all 5 women was that they were all prostitutes working in the same area all of the prostitutes were all of the same age of around 45 apart from one named Mary Kelly as she was aged around 25.the serial killers spree began on august 31st 1888 with the murder of a middle aged prostitute named Mary Ann Nicholls called Polly by some. ...read more.


As this was not enough Mary Kelly abdominal organs were dumped next to her bed and her heart was found to be missing. Even though the ripper appeared a horrible and manifesting deep hatred for the female person, these murders triggered great public interest, this was due to the extensive press courage of many newspapers, the public interest was not due to the murders themselves it was due to that of all the victims were prostitutes and at the time sex was considered as taboo and that jack the ripper himself was not found and this lead to the great interest of finding out who he was The newspapers took a very forward approach into giving information about the murders and Jack the Ripper. The East London observer gave a very intense view of how they observed the situation. They mentioned the murders have "startled London" and that the "crimes are the work of a demented being". During the murders and Polly Nichols and Annie Chapman hundreds of letter were sent to newspapers claming to be the murder and were all considered fakes, however on the 27th of September the police reproduced a letter which was considered as a hoax. ...read more.


The vigilance patrolled streets at night and criticized the police for not catching the police. There activities were reported in the newspapers which increased the attention on the white chapel. Prior to the set up of the vigilance committee a member wrote a letter to the home secretary requesting for a reward to be offered for the capture of the murderer, a reply was received on the 17th September 1888 stating that giving a reward would do more harm then good and rejected his offer. Having examined the evidence there was several factors which linked together attracted nation wide attention to the white chapel murders such the brutality of the murders themselves also due to the similarities and differences off all the prostitutes. But I think the real factors which the attracted the nation wide attention was of the three letter which were printed in the newspapers as they contained plisit information about the murders themselves and the startling letter which contained a piece of human kidney, which was said in the letter that that excrement's were fried and eaten. So in conclusion I think that the sickness of the mind of jack the ripper grabbed the world wide attention. ...read more.

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