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Why did they have to die? A response to 'Romeo & Juliet'.

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WHY DID THEY HAVE TO DIE? A RESPONSE TO 'ROMEO & JULIET' William Shakespeare is a renowned writer of many tales. 'Romeo & Juliet' is one of his greatest love stories. The passion between two young lovers which results in a tragic end makes this story distinctive from other stories. The romance ends as both lovers lie dead side by side. 'Why did Romeo and Juliet die?' This is a question, which needs answers. Was it fate? Was it chance? Was it adolescent passion? Was it the feud? Was it their fathers? Or was it something else? This is a difficult task because to judge just by considering one particular point is not very wise because it depends so much on what one feels. ...read more.


Capulet was against Juliet's denial when he arranged her to marry Paris. Capulet- "....go with Paris to Saint Peter's Church, Or I will drag thee on a hurdle thither" (Act 3 Scene 5, Lines 154-5) Their love could also be said to be merely adolescent passion. Love at first sight for adolescents is very common. Adolescent passion is just pat of the interest in sexual relationships. True commitment is usually not found in adolescent passion. As for Romeo and Juliet their love could have started with mere, sudden, adolescent passion but this then continued and the result was a full commitment. They both were ready to put their own lives in danger for each other. ...read more.


Fortune is fickle, so maybe no one is responsible, it was all only a series of accidents. It could just be bad luck that the Friar's letter did not reach Romeo in time. Or was it all fate? Probably their deaths were foretold in the stars. Every step was patterned and arranged. It was probably fate that they were both to die. Anyway, looking at the whole thing from another perspective, I could say that it is just a play written 400 years ago set in a small town called Verona. Nothing special, nothing important, only the fact that this small town would find fray very often in its streets. There was a longstanding feud between the Capulets and the Montagues and it so happened that a pair of lovers was paired to meet death, which would end the longstanding feud. ...read more.

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