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Why didn't the police catch Jack the Ripper?

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Why didn't the police catch Jack the Ripper? The Police tried to catch Jack the ripper by doing many things such as drafting extra men into the area; putting men into plain clothes; checking tip-offs contained in letters from members of the public; searching the doss houses within a particular area; reversing their beats; putting up copies of the "Dear Boss" letter; and, in the cases of Eddowes and Kelly, photographing the mutilations. Jack the ripper got away with it for many reasons such as Whitechapel was a densely populated area in one of the poorest districts in London. There were many slaughterhouses and such in those parts, and it wasn't odd for men to walk around in dirty and even blood stained clothes. ...read more.


The theory follows that if the murders were inhuman; the murderer had to be inhuman too. He had to be mad or foreign, preferably both for the police. However the Ripper probably wasn't anything like this and was an ordinary man that lived in the Whitechapel area because he knew the alley ways extremely well. The murders also took place at night which contributes to the Ripper being able to get away with our being seen or suspected. There was very little light in the alley ways of Whitechapel so you could barely see past your own hand out stretched, so it would be difficult to see. Also many people walked the streets at night so hearing noise from people walking home from the pub at all hours of the night was normal to the people whose houses backed on to the alleys. ...read more.


The truth is, Jack the Ripper was never caught or identified. The police at the time were ill-equipped to deal with a serial killer investigation. Prevailing opinion at the time suggested that only a raving maniac, someone literally foaming at the mouth, could have committed such bestial murders and so that became the focus of the investigation. Lunatics from all corners of London were rounded up and examined, but to no benefit. In conclusion all the factors are all important as to why jack the ripper was not caught. They all link together as they all contributed to why he was not caught. The main factor I think that contributed to him not being caught was the police investigating procedures as they weren't as technologically advanced as we are today. ...read more.

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