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Why Do George and Lennie Travel Together? Of mice and men

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18.11.02 Why Do George and Lennie Travel Together? The personal tragedies of the characters of "Of Mice and Men" should been seen against the social and economic background of the 1930's as Steinbeck himself experienced. George and Lennie were better off financially then many as they were single men. They could afford to save money towards their "dream" and they could make their wages stretch further. So together their "dream" seems much more achievable. In translation from the Spanish, Soledad means a place of grieving and mourning suggesting solitude and loneliness. However, these are the two characters in the book that actually have someone; someone they can trust and rely on. A simple answer to why George and Lennie travel together could be answered in a sentence however when considered in depth there are many reasons. It is obvious that both George and Lennie depend on each other especially Lennie on George. It was still very unusual for travelling men to form lasting friendships, as they had to keep moving on to new ranches. Men on their own were likely to get attacked and often got extremely lonely. When considering the personalities of George you can see why he travels with Lennie. ...read more.


George, being defensive of Lennie and their friendship says "He got kicked in the head by a horse when he was a kid. He's awright. Just ain't bright. This shows that he knows Lennie isn't bright and he accepts it. It also shows that George is prepared to stick up for Lennie. The boss thinks that George is taking some of Lennie's pay. The boss says "Say-what you sellin'?" and when George denies it the boss says "Well, I never seen one guy take so much trouble for another guy." \this backs up an earlier comment made about how uncommon it was for guys (especially in this line of work) to be travelling together. The other guys on the ranch are almost separated from George and Lennie. They realise that George and Lennie have a strong friendship. The guys on the ranch socialise in a group and although Slim is a man who is greatly respected, there are no two people who share a special bond such as George and Lennie. Candy is especially lonely. The lives of all these men seem to be repetitive. They do the same things everyday and this is why when Slim suggests going town there is a glimmer of excitement. ...read more.


That however is a reason why he is friends with Lennie and not something he necessarily gets out of the relationship. The real reason is that without Lennie George would be lonely and this is why at the end of the novel Steinbeck shows George to be totally unselfish when he shoots Lennie. Personally, I think that the friendship is a slightly uncommon one. Both are very different characters however the friendship seems to work very well. Lennie gets a father figure to look after him from the friendship who treats him with respect. Although he often snaps at Lennie, George can never stay angry at Lennie for long as Lennie's slightly comical I could just go into the hills... line always wins him round. They both depend on each other a\nd their friendship is one of strength, loyalty and respect. They both realise what the other means to them and they know that what they have between them is virtually unheard of. Lennie cling to George's every word and admires him immensely. They both know when they have pushed their luck with one another and sense each other feelings. I think there friendship is very sweet and almost comical at times. Without each other they would both be lonely and George's final act was one of total love, respect and admiration for his friend. Leanne Sheen ...read more.

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