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"Why do I have to go, Mum? It's not as if I even know them that well."

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"Why do I have to go, Mum? It's not as if I even know them that well." "Sarah, you're going and that's that. It's not every day your cousin gets married, is it? Come on, cheer up, it'll be fun." "Dull, more like," thought Sarah glumly. At any other time she might've been excited. The wedding was taking place in the grounds of an old castle and didn't start until 6pm, so all the guests would be togged up in their glam evening gear, ready for the party afterwards. Sarah had found the perfect dress. That was part of the problem, really. She'd been hoping to show it off at the coolest party of the year- which just happened to be that same night. It was her best mate Lauren's birthday and everyone was going- including Adam, the most gorgeous guy she'd ever set her eyes on who was in the year above her. She'd even seen him looking at her a few times but she couldn't be sure if he liked her. ...read more.


Your father's been looking for you everywhere. Come along, you don't want to keep James waiting, do you?" Emma? James? What was going on? Sarah felt like she'd just walked on stage in the middle of a play. Looking down, she was alarmed to find she was no longer in her sparkly dress but draped in what looked like a Victorian wedding gown, with lace around the cuffs and collar. How was this possible? Suddenly, a short grey haired man wearing a black tail coat was by her side, smiling at her with tears in his eyes. "I'm so proud...." he said before taking her arm and leading her back into the church. What on earth was going on? Inside Sarah's head was screaming and wanting to run way back to normal life- but she was unable to move. She was being led town the aisle to... well, who knew what? "Oh my God," thought Sarah, "It's me, I'm the bride! But how?" Now the groom was turning to greet her- he looked so handsome, even though his clothes were wierd. ...read more.


Standing there she looked at James and at that moment he caught her eye. "Emma..." he whispered. But then came back that sharp pain again. Sarah's head spun again and the next thing she knew, she was lying in bed at the castle hotel, looking up at her mother. "Oh Sarah love, we were so worried," she sobbed. "You missed the whole wedding- we found you collapsed outside the church." When Sarah tried to say what'd happened, her mum smiled and said it must've been a strange dream. But Sarah couldn't forget her experience. The following day, after breakfast, she wandered back to the church and recognised the graveyard. Her feet seemed to lead her directly to an ancient looking gravestone. Taking a deep breath, Sarah read the inscription on the headstone: 'Emma Constance Brown'. Freaked out, she ran back to the castle and got straight on her mobile to Lauren. But before she could get a word out, Lauren was yelling about her party. "Oh Sarah, you missed a great night," she said. "But something weird happened. Adam turned up but collapsed when he arrived. He suddenly came round and seemed fine- except he kept going on about a girl called Emma...." ...read more.

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