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why do nettles have stings A short story for the Younger reader

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Why do Nettles have Stings? - A short story for the Younger reader It was one of those summery days when the air is heavy and warm and nobody wants to do very much. Harry Hare and Robbie Rabbit were resting on top of one of Mr Mole's hills; relaxing and watching the rest of the world go by. Harry could feel the sun's warmth through his fur and it was making him feel comfortable and drowsy. He wriggled contentedly. Beside him on the soft warm molehill, Robbie lay on his back, his paws behind his head, gazing up at the clear blue sky, thinking about things in his own rabbity way. "Why do nettles have stings?" He asked suddenly, waking Harry from his doze. "Why do nettles have what?" He murmured, not quite awake. "Stings," Robbie scratched one of his ears in a silly, absent-minded sort of way. Harry pondered, his head tilted to one side as he thought. "I suppose," he said eventually, "they have stings so nobody will eat them." "That's silly," said Robbie, "Nobody would want to eat a rotten old nettle, they're all tough and stringy." Harry had never tried eating a nettle, so he couldn't think of a good answer. ...read more.


"Good afternoon boys, what can I do for you?" said Mr Mole; he squinted down his spectacles at the pair, expectantly. They had almost forgotten why they were looking for him. Robbie was munching on grass again, Harry nudged him to make him ask Mr Mole. However his mouth was to full as he shook his head "Mr Mole?" He asked, with Robbie making crunching noises in his ear, "If grass leaves taste so nice and don't sting, why do nettles?" "Why do nettles what?" "Stings," continued Robbie, his mouth still full of leaf. Mr Mole scratched his head. "I'm not quite sure about that, I really don't know why," he replied, "But I do know a story that seems to make sense." Robbie stopped chewing. "Can you tell us?" he asked. "Of course, if I can remember it," replied Mr Mole, as he rested his head on his paws, trying to recall the story. "Long ago," he began, "There was a nettle growing in a meadow." "Just one?" Robbie was picking at a piece of leaf that had got stuck between his big front teeth, "There are lots in our meadow: specially in the shady bit." "Maybe there were lots in this meadow as well," Said Mr Mole, "The story didn't say." ...read more.


He towered above the others protecting them with his leaves. He was careful not to touch them though. He was saving his sting for the blackness. He lashed out at it with all his might, until finally the darkness resided and sunshine came back to the playground. Cheers went out from the crowd; finally he was being noticed for something good. From that day on he always had friends, even though he was extremely careful not to sting anyone again." "But what was the darkness?" asked Robbie. "It was my nose," replied Mr Mole with a smirk," believe me boys, I've learnt my lesson, to stay away from nettles, but now I have a lot of respect for them. That one nettle looked after those creatures even though they had bullied the nettle, and now he has all the friends in the world." Robbie yawned as it was getting late. They thanked Mr Mole and made their way through the meadow back home. On their way, Harry started humming a tune. He was thinking about the story and how the nettle had made so many friends even though they hadn't gave him a chance before. Robbie was still munching on grass leaves as he began to hum also. They were happy to finally find out why nettles have stings. Megan Lewington ...read more.

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