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Why do we never learn?

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Why do we never learn? The hands of the towering clock, in the square, had just struck midnight with an eerie silence. The moon and stars filled the clear sky on what was one of the most beautiful nights in a long time. Trees stood perfectly still, as if to watch the spectacular sky. The streets of Hagen City were completely deserted. Every light was out in every home and everyone lay fast asleep, tucked away in their cosy beds, all but one young girl of 17, who gazed up at the sky in awe and wonder. This girl's name was Casey Saunders. Casey was a charming and attractive young girl. She was 5"4 with a slender body and golden, wavy, long hair. She had enchanting blue eyes, as deep as the ocean, and a ravishing smile to top it all. She just had one problem; she always felt unwanted wherever she went. About two years before, her parents had told her that they were going to move from their old place in Westville, a run down area, where they owned a small flat; to a new and wonderful home in Hagen City, a place where she could have her own room and make lots of new companions. ...read more.


He had a rugged handsome look about him, with eyes as wide as the Mississippi river. His personality was a major plus when you first met him because he used to crack jokes all the time and make the whole world laugh. One night, Casey's newfound friends and boyfriend all wanted to attend a party at someone else's house. They invited Casey, saying it would be "a night to remember!" It started at 7.30pm. There was only one challenge stopping her, her parents had said that she was too young to date. So she decided not to tell them the entire truth. After all they won't know the difference, what was there to loose? Casey asked them if she could stay with her friends that night. Naturally, they frowned at that idea but she persuaded them to go out for a night on the town without her. Therefore, eventually they agreed to let her go. Excited, she prepared herself for the big event but as she rushed around like she had no sense, she began to feel the heavy guilt weighing down on her shoulders about all the lies she had told. Then she quickly recollected her thoughts - "What's a pizza, a small party and a moonlight ride going to do?" ...read more.


The voices just echoed inside her head, "We're very sorry but the boy you were with is dead..." they continued talking but with an even more serious tone, "Casey, we've done all that we can, but it looks like we're going to lose you too." "What about the people in the other car?!" cried Casey. "We're sorry, they also died," replied the nurse. Casey turned away, burst into tears, and decided to pray, "God, forgive me for what I have done, I only wanted one stupid night of fun!" She then turned back to the nurse standing by her bedside. "Tell those people's family, I've made their life grim and I wish I could return their families to them. Tell my mum and dad that I'm so sorry for ever lying to them and that it's my fault so many people have died tonight. Nurse, won't you grant me that one last request?" The nurse just stood there - she never agreed. She took Casey's hand and had tears in her eyes. Just then, Casey's grip turned limp, she had died. A few moments later, a man came up to the nurse and asked her, "Why did you not do your best to bid that girl her final wish?" She faced the man and looked into his eyes, tears rolled down her cheeks. She answered him... "Because the people in the other car were her mum and dad." ...read more.

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