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Why do you think that An Inspector Calls still remains popular today? An Inspector Calls, written by J.B.Priestley, is about a middle class family named The Birlings

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An Inspector Calls By J.B.Priestley Why do you think that An Inspector Calls still remains popular today? An Inspector Calls, written by J.B.Priestley, is about a middle class family named The Birlings. The Birlings lived in an up and growing industrial town in the north midlands. Set in 1912, the Birlings were happily celebrating their daughter Sheila's engagement to a respectable businessman, Gerald Croft. However, the modest celebration turned out to be more than eventful when an unexpected inspector arrives enquiring the suicide and death of a young girl names Eva Smith. Whilst doing so, the inspector unlocks a chain of family secrets along the way. The play, in its time, proved to be very popular, and still does so today. In this play, I think that J.B.Priestley chose the characters very well. I think that what made the play so appealing is the way in which he gave each character such a strong personality. Each member of the Birling family has a unique personality and throughout the play some of the Birling family change. I do think however, that the Birlings as a whole family are quite stereotypical. The Birlings come across as a family that have wealth and seem to be quite a respected family of a high class. At the beginning of the play, the Birling family seem to be quite a closely bonded family but throughout the play this bond seems to drift apart as they recognise their differences. The family consists of four very unique and exciting individuals: Arthur Birling- A very self-obsessed, wealthy business man, also very self-opinionated. The perfect example of an old snob. Obviously very proud of his achievements in life, but with his heart set on a knighthood which would be his ultimate achievement. Sybil Birling- Considers herself high in regard to social standings, largely on the back of her husbands' success and wealth. Possibly a 'Hyacinth Bucket' of her time. A very unlikeable woman who sees lots of people as being beneath her. ...read more.


I think that all of the issues that J.B.Priestley uses are still important issues to us today and I think that it is what makes the play still popular because we can relate to the issues even if some of them are not to the same extent as they were back then. In the play, I think that J.B.Priestley added in a lot of dramatic devices. I think that this is what helped the play to be so dramatic to watch and to read. One of the main devices that he used was the way in which he used just one room throughout the whole of the play. To me personally, I think that this is better if you are watching it as a play. Especially if you think of how it is preformed because then you do not have to have any of the scene changes and also it makes it a lot simpler for people to follow. It also makes you feel that you are a lot more involved. One of the main effects that the use of one room gives is the amount of tension that builds up. Because everything is said and everything happens in the one room, I think that the tension at times is immense. All the secrets, sad times, excitement, arguments, and everything that the play is about happen in the same room. This also keeps you very much up to date with the play, for example: You will have no flash backs or different scene settings that maybe you will find hard to understand or keep up with. You will find that some of the best TV shows also use just the one room. The use of one door in the room makes entrances and exits a lot more exciting to watch. Having one door builds up a certain amount of tension that would not have been there before. ...read more.


Personally, when I read this I did not see it coming and it was a typical cliffhanger ending because it finishes and you do not know what happened next. The clever way in which Priestley did this made the whole play more effective I think that the reason J.B.Priestley wrote this play is so that he could get his opinion across, and he very thoughtfully did so through a play. I think the issues that he brought up during the play were that society must change, and that we are all responsible for each other. This shows in Mr Birling's speech at the beginning of the play. J.B.Priestley was in fact a socialist, and so I think that his opinions came across through the inspector. This is because the inspector was always pointing out how we should be responsible for ourselves and for each other and that no one should be treated differently because of their class or wealth. Also, it seems that he thinks that young people should have their right to speak up for what they believe or what they think .He did this through Sheila, when in the play she says that what she has to say matters as well. I think that J.B.Priestley is a man that has a lot of opinions and I think that he has used inspector calls to get his points across. He was a socialist so he believes that everyone should be treated fairly. I think that he uses the Birling family as a prime example, and at the end when the phone calls comes back to the Birlings that a girls body has been reported, I think as a reader you see that Priestley is using the story as an example. I think he clearly gets across how you should not prejudice someone because they are not the same class or wealth as you. A quote from the play that the inspector uses I think is what J.B.Priestley is trying to get across and that is: 'We are members of one body, we are responsible for each other!' By Sophie Lyne-ley. ...read more.

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