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Why does the Inspector call?

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Why does the Inspector call? The Inspector calls because he wants to show the Birlings and Gerald what they did wrong and how they can improve themselves. The play was set before World War 1(1912), but it was staged 2 years after World War 2(1945). Characters and brief information: - Arthur Birling (Mr. Birling) was a lord mayor for 2 years and was an alderman for a year, Sybil Birling (Mrs. Birling) is head of the Brumley Women's Charity Organization, Sheila Birling (Daughter) Sheila and Gerald were having an Engagement party at that night, Eric Birling (Son), Gerald Croft (son of Sir Crofts) Gerald's father and Mr.Birling were friendly rivals in business, Edna (the Maid) Inspector Goole. The play starts in the spring of 1912 and the Birlings and Gerald have got together for the engagement of Sheila and Gerald, it was a festive moment in the household, Mr.Birling was making comments like "Just because the Kaiser makes a speech or two, or a few German officers have too much to drink and begin talking nonsense, you'll hear some people say that war is inevitable, And I say to that fiddlesticks!" and " the titanic- she sails next week - forty-six thousand eight hundred tons - forty-six thousand eight hundred tons - New York in five days - and every luxury - and unsinkable- absolutely unsinkable" , but none of it is true, other talks where taking place, Sheila says to Gerald "(half serious, half playful) ...read more.


And so on then finally he confessed "All right. I knew her, lets leave it at that". Then the inspector then asked Gerald "(sharply turning to him) Mr.Croft, when did you first get to know her (an exclamation of surprise from Birling and Mrs. Birling" Gerald tried to hide it by saying " where did you get the idea that I did know her" to which Sheila replied, "It's no use, Gerald. You're wasting time" this shows that Sheila is upset and angry then Gerald comes out with it "All right if you must have it, I met her first, sometime last year in the stalls bar at the palace... I happened to look in, one night, after a long dull day, and as the show wasn't very bright, I went down into a bar for a drink, It's a favorite haunt of women of town - ... I didn't propose to stay long down there. I hate those hard-eyed dough-faced women. But then I noticed a girl who looked quite different. She was very pretty - soft brown hair and big dark eyes-... she looked young and fresh and charming and altogether out of place down there. And obviously she wasn't enjoying herself. Old Joe Meggarty, half drunk and goggle - eyed, had wedged her into a corner with that obscene fat carcass ... The girl saw me looking at her and then gave me a glance that was nothing less than a cry for help. ...read more.


Yes I think it was simply a piece of gross impertinence - quite deliberate - quite deliberate - and naturally that was one of the things that prejudiced me against her case ... I'm very sorry. But I think she had only herself to blame. Inspector: Was it owing to your influence, as the most prominent member of the committee that help was refused the girl? Mrs.B: (stung) yes it was, I didn't like her manner.. Now the Inspector turns his attention to Eric, who was drunk at the time, Mrs.Birling had thought that he doesn't drink. Inspector: When did you first meet this girl? Eric: One night last November. Inspector: Where did you meet her? Eric: In the Palace bar...I was a bit Squiffy.... I began talking to her, and stood her a few drinks... Inspector: You went to her lodging that night? Eric: Yes, I insisted ... and that's when it happened. Inspector: When did you meet her again? Eric: About a fortnight afterwards ... I couldn't remember her name or where she lived ... she hadn't a job - and she'd no money left. Inspector: How much did you give her? Eric: ...about �50 all together Inspector: Where did you get the money from? Eric: (miserable) I got it - from the office- Birling: You stole my Money Eric: I intended to pay it back Page 6 While Eric and Mr.Birling where arguing Gerald came back informing that he met a police sergeant and he asked about an Inspector Goole, He swore that he had never heard of him inspector wasn't an inspector. And they looked in the library and the Inspector was gone. ...read more.

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