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Why Facebook is better than MySpace

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Why Facebook is better than MySpace 1. Facebook is less emo than Myspace. Facebook isn't designed around the profile like Myspace is. You can't put crappy songs on your page so that they start blaring as soon as it loads, you can't put videos of AFI (emo band) regretting their own existence almost as much as I regret their existence, you can't do anything except maybe put "twilight" as your favorite book. And if you do try to emo-out on Facebook, your friends will rag on you for it on your wall. Which, by the way, gets really annoying. 2. Facebook has no "Top Friends" list, which Myspace has. I've got enough drama in my life without ranking my friends in order of their importance and watching the fallout when they argue over placement. ...read more.


On MySpace, at first, it seems like a lot is going on so it's exciting. Once you hit a server error for the umpteenth time, then it's quits for MySpace. 5. There is a LOT more privacy on Facebook than on MySpace (there are no less than 7 privacy sections found on Facebook, where each has dozens of settings which control things ranging from your profile, to search results that include you.) 6. You can block applications that annoy you. If someone throws a sheep at me, that means absolutely nothing to me, so I don't do anything about it. If someone sends me an invite to an application that doesn't interest me, I block the application. If a particular person is a repeat offender and sends me invites to applications constantly, I choose to block all invitations from that person. ...read more.


Myspace will give you this joyous greeting around 30% of the time, "An unexpected error has occurred. The error has been forwarded to the MySpace technical team" - well, the Myspace technical team must be the only people who don't expect this error because I sure as hell do; every single time I attempt to login. I like the vagueness of the message too, but that's about it. 10. Non obnoxious advertising: I've never seen an advertisement banner stretched across the top of my profile blinking at 300 miles per hour on Facebook, but on the rare times I manage to log into MySpace, it's always there. 11. Facebook is on Phones and iPods You can post stuff on your profile and view other people's profiles - by phones or iPods. There is a new version of Facebook for these, try pulling MySpace (or most websites) up on them...not pretty. ...read more.

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