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Why I believe Euthanasia Should be banned

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Why I believe euthanasia should be banned Euthanasia is defined as ending of a life to relieve suffering, or mercy killing. It is a terrible act that goes against the moral principle, religious ground and the right of person to live. Let me start my argument against euthanasia with this question. Since when do we call murder an act of mercy? For euthanasia is just that, murder! No one has the licence to kill. If we choose to give ourselves that permit, then we erode our own respect for our own lives. Legalised euthanasia will allow carers a legal license to terminate life, thus become murderers. Besides, it goes against many moral and religious principle, euthanasia also violates the International Code of Medical Ethics and the Hippocratic Oath. The main argument for the legalisation of euthanasia is that it is the patient's choice to end their own suffering. To this statement I offer this rebuttal, when it becomes the family's choice and not the individual's choice, then isn't this involuntary? An example of this is Terri Schiavo, she was thought to be in a permanent vegetative state (or PVS) ...read more.


She spoke of the time that the hospital removed her feeding tube without her or her husband's consent. It was re-inserted eight days later when her husband, who also happens to be a lawyer, threatened to sue the hospital. She described the experience as "sheer torture" and remarked that "...when Michael (Schiavo) said that it's painless for the patient, he was wrong." Now another argument for euthanasia is that if this is a terminal condition and they are going to die in a certain period of time, in pain, then should they not have the dignity, and the right to die peacefully? I offer this question in reply. If you give us the right to die, why don't you remove our right to live? This lead my to my next reason why I am against euthanasia, I believe legalising euthanasia will erode the respect for human life while underestimating the power of the human spirit. An example of this is Marie Elena Silva, who suffers from a degenerative neurone condition. This ailment will place her through much pain and suffering until she dies. ...read more.


Looking from this perspective, a Biblical passage, Hebrews 12:7 summarises this when it states, "Endure hardship as discipline, God is treating you as his sons." Pain can cloud the mind and influence the decisions of people. If they want to die they are taking the easy way out. Our natural instinct is to fight for our lives. To live every day the best we can. What about Michael Wenham? Author of the best seller, My Donkey Body, was diagnosed with motor neuron disease (MND) in 2002. MND is the slow and painful process of the tissues in the body degenerating till they won't be able to move a toe without spasms of unbearable pain. He chooses to fight on. He chose to live with this terminal disease and bear with it. Look at the rate we are uncovering new things. We have learnt so much in medicine, discovered so much. If we legalise euthanasia, then we are not pushing the human mind to the best of its ability. If we give ourselves the right of euthanasia, we give ourselves the permit to give up. If we give ourselves this permit, then we will eventually start killing off all who fall ill. One by one. ...read more.

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