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Why I do it.

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Why I do it. It was a freezing cold morning in Farnham. I thought to myself 'Why am I out of bed at this time on a Saturday morning?' My question was answered merely two minutes later as I managed the trick which I have been trying for the last week, a 'topside sunny day.' 'Nice man, nice,' was the call from the bench as I looked over at my friend Mark who was giving me the thumbs-up as I came swiftly out of the trick. I skated over to the bench lazily and took a seat next to Sam, Mark and Henri. 'What time is the comp tomorrow?' I asked them. 'Nine am bright and early,' replied Sam whilst getting up to skate over to the grindbox and attempt another amazing trick. 'I know I need practice for the competition but skating at eight o'clock on a Saturday morning in the freezing cold is a bit too much,' I moaned as I put on another jumper. 'You wanna go street for a bit?' asked Mark as he took off his skate and started fiddling with the laces. 'Where are we gonna go? The sixth form college is too far, we're not allowed in Lidls and Redgrave rail is still wet from that rain during the night,' I complained. ...read more.


I fell asleep almost instantly as I hadn't had any sleep the previous night and was still tired from school on Friday. I dreamt of the competition. It was a warm, sunny day and it had just started. I smiled as I dropped in on the big ramp to go for my first big trick. I jumped, and as I was flying through the air I grabbed my feet and pulled them behind me then released them and landed perfectly to go up the other ramp and do a perfect 540 degree spin. The crowd was cheering and the judges were going wild. I skated round the entire park and did a 900-degree spin on the biggest ramp. I was about 9 feet in the air and I leant forward too much. My front wheels hit the ramp and I landed on my face. It hurt so much. I heard an ambulance somewhere in the distance but it was distorted somehow. It sounded more and more like a phone ringing. 'Ian. Ian wake up you have a phone call!' I woke with a start. My heart leapt. It was a dream I realized. I stood up and put on my dressing gown trying to tell myself it was just a dream and that that wouldn't happen. ...read more.


This was it. I dropped in on the smaller ramp and did a 180 spin over the funbox so I could go backwards into the trick. I could see a photographer in the front of the crowd aim his camera at me. I went up the ramp backwards and threw myself as hard as I could over my shoulder. For a second it was like time stood still. I had pulled my legs in so that I was like a ball in the air. I brought my legs back round so I could land near the bottom of the ramp. Suddenly it felt like I was going to spin too much and land on my knees. But somehow I managed to lean back a tiny bit and land on my feet and roll away. The crowd were shouting and the photographer was going mad. I could hear the announcer shouting 'He's done it, he's done it.' Mark and the others had stopped skating to watch my bio flip but Mark had come over and shook my hand and said 'nice one.' The others were standing with their mouths open as if they had never seen a bio flip before. Henri skated up to me and said 'I never thought you would do that.' It suddenly occurred to me as the speakers told me that I had come first that this is why I do it. By Ian Franklin ...read more.

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