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Why I hate people who are like sheep

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´╗┐Why do i hate sheeps Sheep! Don?t you hate them? I sure do. Before you ask, no I?m not talking about the woolly ones, I?m on about the people who follow the crowd like a sheep. They have no personality, no nothing. They follow these trends as if they are a lost puppy trying to find their mum. It infuriates me beyond comprehension. It?s not the fact that they follow these trends. I mean, everyone including you and me have followed trends that when we look back in pictures and photo-albums we think ?what the hell am I wearing?!? It?s the fact that some people don?t have their own personality and they stick out like a sore thumb in the crowd. ...read more.


There people I feel more sorry for. Because they aren?t the loudest or they might be a little weird, people manipulate them into turning them into something they?re not. People like you and I try to save them, but before we know it they are in the crowd and lost in the cloud of smoke. I knew someone who was manipulated and changed like this. It was a terrible sight to see. She changed so dramatically it was amazing, yet, so saddening at the same time. I saw her in the crowd, talking and having a laugh. That?s all it was at first. But gradually, she changed. Although very slightly at first, over a long period of time it was noticeable. ...read more.


It?s not just the city goers that are like this. But the party girls are just the same, all wearing the same dress. Now, forgive me if I am being stupid, but surely if you want to stand out you wear an out of the ordinary dress, not one that everyone else is wearing. But hey, what do I know. This problem is getting more and more frequent, and it?s happening to people that it didn?t used to. It?s getting more common in school playgrounds and parks everywhere. We know who it is affecting, people with little or no personality, people who want to be cool and people who are just easily manipulated. Unfortunately I do not have the answer, but I dare say one of you have. If you do, then help. If you don?t help, then there will be even more sheep roaming our streets... ...read more.

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