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Why I Hate TV Talent Shows Article

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´╗┐Reece Buckle Humiliation, corruption and exploitation are just a few of many which all question: just how honourable and acceptable are these terrible talent shows? Tell me how far would you agree that small amount of people made famous is enough to counterbalance the thousands innocently exploited? In fact, these broadcasted shows make contestants out to be the laughing stock of the nation. Do you really think this creates a good impression for us to other countries either? The great British Empire, once rulers of the world is now whittled down to a nation relying on worldwide humiliation for the undeserved entertainment of others. It?s true that these shows make a mockery of some contestants. Ever heard the saying never judge a book by its cover? Well these judges always form a preconception of an auditioning act. ...read more.


However this isn?t the case. It goes too stinking rich ?judges? that only have to say, ?It?s a no? or a ?Yes from me?. The amount of money these shows raise easily top global events like Children in need. Think about it. Compared to Simon Cowell?s salary, more than 80% of the entire human race lives on less than $10 a day. Let?s look at how these auditioning victims are portrayed. Before an act goes on stage, it?s usually given a short introduction (sob stories) of the positives and negatives of their life, although mostly the negatives. These so called sob stories in my opinion are just another way, of many, to wrongly exploit an individual; by either humiliating, or making them seem impressive only to be shortly proved wrong and laughed at anyway. ...read more.


Finally, it also defeats that proud and joyful feeling after earning something by working long and hard for it. However, contradicting that point, for most celebrities today these shows are an easy entrance to fame and fortune. And despite all the humiliation, this is also one of the only few ways to gain public recognition. So maybe these shows aren?t all that terrible, although I still don?t think any of that is it enough to do the show justice. If the acts are still fake and fixed. And people are still continuously humiliated. So I come to the conclusion: why do people even watch these shows? I ask myself that very question. However, Talent shows like the X Factor are the most frequently talked about show in social media. People absolutely thrive on watching these unfortunate contestants. For most it?s too willingly laugh at the hundreds of terrible auditions including bad singers and actors. Except, for me though, the only real positive about these shows is they kill time. ...read more.

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